Seater Swings

Garden seater swing, a comfortable furniture for young and old

Spending a cool summer afternoon in the company of a good book and sitting on a comfortable rocking chair represents an image of absolute relaxation. It is no coincidence that the reasons that push us to buy a garden seater swing all have to do with a lifestyle that, especially during the hot season, needs a slowdown in order to be experienced at its best. When there are children in the house it happens that this furniture is experienced more like a game, in the same way as a swing. In any case, the garden seater swing expresses a sense of welcome and familiarity like no other furniture.


Types of garden seater swing

As well as for other types of garden furniture, but also for interiors, there are various types of seater swing on the market, which differ from each other based on size and design which, as you know, can be varied. Seater swings can be with two, three or four places:

- 2 seater garden swing seat: this type of seater swings are the smallest that can be found on the market and they are suitable for small outdoor spaces such as small gardens, city balconies or terraces.

- 3 seater garden swings: such a seater swing is already considered to be of a large type, therefore perfect for medium and large spaces, whether they are terraces or gardens.

- garden swings with four seats: they are large swings par excellence, capable of accommodating four people in absolute comfort. Perfect for large gardens and terraces.

- convertible seater swings: these swings are usually four-seater and they can be transformed into a comfortable bed, increasing the feeling of comfort without giving up the pleasant rocking.

Garden seater swing materials

As it is easy to guess, all outdoor furniture must be manufactured with highly resistant materials. If it is true that no one forbids us to take garden furniture to shelter, it is also true that it can happen to leave it to bad weather more than necessary or, simply, you do not have a storage room where you can place them at the end of summer. Having said that, the material used for the production of a garden seater swing that can withstand weathering is resin: this plastic material is able to resist rain, frost and summer sun, it bears not indifferent weights and it is much lighter than metal.

Finally, the metal seater swings are still very weatherproof, but less than resin. The paint with which the structure is usually painted could come off and this greatly facilitates the oxidation process of the underlying metal. Therefore, if we really cannot do without a metal seater swing, we must at the same time take more care of it than the resin models.

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