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Speaking of office dividers , Italy is one of the countries that can boast of high quality production. The "made in Italy" products are known all over the world for the attention to detail, the care in the choice of materials and the precision in the workmanship.


Office partition sector, Italian companies have distinguished themselves for their ability to offer innovative and design solutions, capable of satisfying the needs of each customer. Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technologies and consolidated experience in the sector, Italian manufacturers of office partitions can guarantee high quality, resistant, functional and aesthetically pleasing products, choose the quality of Cattelan Italia , Bonaldo, Bontempi, Driade , Midj, Martex, Kastel, Potocco , Scab Design and many others.

Office partitions: advantages, types and materials

Office partitions are essential elements for organizing the work space in an effective and functional way. Thanks to their many advantages, office partitions have become one of the most requested elements by companies and professionals who wish to create comfortable, organized and private work environments, giving a refined style to the furnishing of your office .

There are different types of office partitions , each with specific characteristics capable of satisfying different needs. Fixed office partitions are a type of permanent divider, permanently separating workspaces. Mobile partition walls, on the other hand, are often made of fabric or plexiglass, and allow you to create flexible separations between spaces, according to needs. Finally, room dividers are a type of smaller room divider that can be used to create private work zones within a large shared space.

Office partitions offer numerous advantages , both from the point of view of space organization and productivity. Thanks to these items it is possible to separate work spaces permanently or flexibly, create privacy zones and reduce noise and visual disturbance, allowing spaces to be personalized, creating welcoming and comfortable work environments.

In the world of work , the organization and flexibility of spaces are fundamental elements for guaranteeing a productive and comfortable work environment. In this context, office partitions represent an ideal solution for creating functional and personalized workspaces that can meet the needs of every worker.

Separating workspaces can be especially important for busy offices, as it can reduce background noise and a sense of chaos. They can also improve employee efficiency and productivity by offering them a more comfortable and personalized workspace.

Materials: how are the office partitions made?

They can be made of different materials, such as glass, wood, metal, fabric and plexiglass . Each material has its own specific characteristics in terms of resistance, aesthetics and cost. For example, glass can offer a bright, elegant design , but it can be expensive and require more maintenance. Wood, on the other hand, can offer a warm, welcoming look, but it may be less resistant to stains and scratches. The choice of material will therefore depend on the aesthetic, functional and budgetary needs of the office.

The design of the office partitions is a fundamental aspect to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace. The dividers can be customized according to the needs of the office, choosing from different shapes, colours, materials and finishes.

The glass models can be customized with prints and textures to create a transparent effect, while the wooden dividers can be painted in different colors to match the office decor. Additionally, some manufacturers offer modular design solutions , allowing you to create custom configurations based on your office needs.

Partitions for modern offices, the quality of Martex , Kastel , Cattelan and Bontempi

Cattelan, Martex , Kastel and Bontempi are just some of the leading Italian companies in the office partition sector. These companies offer a wide range of design solutions to customize workspaces according to office needs.

Cattelan, for example, offers glass dividers with customized prints , while Martex offers modular solutions to create customized configurations. Kastel , a well-known Italian brand specialized in office furniture, on the other hand, specializes in mobile and light design solutions, while Bontempi stands out for its high quality wooden products.

All these companies offer a consultancy service to help customers choose the solution that best suits their needs, with an eye to the functionality, aesthetics and quality of the product. If you are looking for high-level solutions for your office, Cattelan, Martex , Kastel and Bontempi are definitely companies to consider.

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How to divide an open space office?

Dividing an open space office is important to create greater privacy and define specific workspaces, it allows you to create a modern and functional working environment, let's see together the solutions we can use:

  1. mobile partitions: the ideal solution for creating temporary spaces or changing the layout of the office according to needs. The movable dividers can be easily moved and placed in different configurations to create smaller or larger workspaces.
  2. dividing panels: perfect for creating separate and private workspaces. The partition panels can be fixed to the floor or to the wall and can be made of different materials such as wood, fabric or glass.
  3. Use dividing cabinets: Ideal for creating separate and reserved workspaces. Divider cabinets can be made of different materials and can be used to separate workstations or create storage areas.
  4. Use plants: Plants are a great way to divide an open space . Not only do plants improve air quality, they can also create a natural and visual barrier to define specific workspaces.
  5. Use bookcases : Office bookcases can be used to divide an open space and create separate workspaces. The bookcases can be positioned to separate workstations or create an area for reading or consulting documents.

Office in a modern style: ideas for working in an elegant environment

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To furnish a home workstation you don't need a special room. In fact, there are many furnishing solutions to obtain a perfect corner even in small spaces and in harmony with the surrounding environment. Read the full article >>

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