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Bar table tops: ideas for furnishing your venue

The bar table tops certainly make the difference as regards the style we want to give to the interior of our restaurant. Indeed, the bar table tops give character to the whole environment, as well as having an effect on the way in which a customer is welcomed. Based on the size, indeed, it will be possible to immediately express the type of service that will be offered to customers (restaurant, bar, bistro), not to mention the reasons that recur in the entire design of the place. The materials with which the bar table tops are produced are also important: there are tops in wood, in HPL, in polymeric, in melamine or in glass. All materials that have peculiar characteristics that make them suitable for different types of venues.

Types of bar table tops

As in general in the world of bar furniture, there are different types of bar table tops, each with its own characteristics and suitable for one type of venue rather than another. Generally, the small bar table tops are more suitable for bars, cafes or bistros, that is, places that do not include courses or dishes brought on large plates.

- Circular bar table tops: these models are among the favorite for bars and cafes because they are less bulky and thanks to the rounded lines, they are able to give order and a certain visual "softness".

- Square bar table tops: compared to the circular ones, the square bar table tops are slightly larger, but still small in size. These models give symmetry to the environment, helping to make it appear larger and more orderly.

- Bar table tops for outdoor use: we know that the world of furniture, and therefore also bar furniture, also provides solutions for outdoor spaces. The outdoor bar table tops are manufactured with materials made specifically to withstand the wearing effects of atmospheric agents.

Bar table tops materials

Among the materials used for the bar table tops we find first of all wood. Indeed, the tops in this material are among the favorite for furnishing rooms thanks to the natural look that only wood possesses and preserves. As an alternative to the natural colouring of the wood, there are wooden tops finished with a thermosetting paint that gives a shiny appearance, surface hardness and remarkable resistance to scratches.

Similar to those in wood, the tops made of HPL differ in their limited thickness accompanied by great strength and resistance. These qualities are possible thanks to the structure of the HPL itself, consisting of layers of Kraft paper, impregnated with special thermosetting resins and pressed at high temperatures. The HPL bar table tops are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. If, on the other hand, you prefer plastics, then you can prefer the polymer bar table tops, known for its excellent resistance properties and ease of cleaning with all types of detergents. Furthermore, the wood effect can be obtained by choosing bar table tops in melamine, a material not very suitable for being outdoors, but certainly resistant and durable in indoor spaces. Finally, the bar table tops in tempered glass are a must, refined and elegant, very easy to clean even with more aggressive detergents.