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Noctis is a well-known company from the Marche region, leader among the various bed manufacturers. The success of its products is given by the attention to detail, the continuous search for quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies, without ever neglecting the artisan tradition that it has inherited over the years.
Noctis offers numerous models of double, French and single beds for children's bedrooms, all customizable thanks to the possibility of choosing between different materials and colors for the upholstery and various types of containers: in short, there is something for all tastes!

Beds with storage

It is possible to find different types of containers according to your needs, such as the “Folding Box” system, a novelty in the sector of beds with storages. The innovation is given by the PVC bottom panel that folds up easily by pulling a small rope, in this way you can easily access the floor and clean without obstacles. This system can also be “automatic”: a button / sensor can be added on almost all models that allows you to open and close the bed container with a slight movement of the foot that touches the central part of the footboard. The Folding Box mechanism also includes an orthopedic bed base and can be of the “comfort” type if you choose the parallel mesh comfort opening system or of the “ergonomics” type if you choose the orthopedic bed base with electrical and ergonomic movement.
The Folding Box system is a trademark conceived and patented by Noctis, destined to revolutionize the world of container beds. Another type of container is the "Secret Box", which is a container compartment that slides inside the bed frame and that is easily pulled forward to store the linen. This container is called "secret" because it is not visible when the bed is closed. This system is also designed and patented by Noctis. Other systems available are the "Ring", without a base designed for those who already own it, and the "Fix" system with orthopedic base which forms the supporting frame of the bed.

Among the various models of beds with storage, Noctis offers: So (design bed at a competitive price) - London - Bob (much appreciated for its ability to be space saving) - Stones - Marwin (also appreciated in some reality shows broadcast in TV).


Upholstered beds

Noctis offers the possibility to choose between different types of upholstery (fabric or leather, visible on the material samples), available in various colors. All bed frames are removable while the headboards are not, except for some models such as the So Pop bed which is completely removable.
Furthermore, according to the type of upholstery chosen, it is possible to match the feet. But the customization of the beds doesn’t end there. Noctis has in fact created the "Hug" collection: it is an innovative project that allows the customer to design the bed according to their needs, choosing from materials, containers, headboards (6 different types) and accessories (bedside tables, lamps, mobile phone charger and headboard cushions).

Noctis Official online retailers

Arredare Moderno is an official online retailer Noctis, on our website you will find: single and double beds, sofa beds, armchairs, corner and classic sofas, modern tables and chairs, garden furniture, true Italian design directly online and in shop, thanks to the partnership with the well-known Italian brand we are able to offer our customers Outlet prices and unmissable promotions.

A retailer or manufacturer authorized to sell directly to the consumer with the ability to apply discounts and promotions up to 30% - 45% of the initial price.


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