Garden furniture: not just tables and chairs

The garden furniture reflects the style of the interior of the house, as well as the personality of those who dedicate themselves to its care. Not only that, garden furniture also says a lot about the way you choose to live outdoors. Aesthetic sense, creativity and functionality are factors that change from person to person and the furnishing of an outdoor space is so varied that each green space is a world of its own in which you can benefit from all the wonderful gifts of nature. Precisely for these reasons, the decision to opt for a certain furniture or not is essential, especially nowadays when, fortunately, there are many different styles of garden tables, chairs, sofas and much more designed to enhance outdoor spaces.

The first garden furniture one thinks of is the table: for many people, during summer, this turns into the main dining table, abandoning the one in the kitchen or dining area for a while. In reality, the garden tables are not only used for lunch or breakfast, but also for playing cards or having a drink with a friend. They are considered indispensable, like a sofa in the living room, if you are lucky enough to have a terrace or a garden, always considering the purchase of furniture made with materials designed to withstand the elements. As with modern and interior design tables, obviously a garden table can also be fixed or extendable, with a variable number of seats, in a square, rectangular, circular or oval shape.

As with kitchen or dining area chairs, garden chairs must also be chosen according to your needs for comfort. There are many types: folding garden chairs, with armrests, fixed and design to give a touch of charm to the outdoors. Given the need to shelter garden furniture during the winter season, there are folding garden chairs in a few simple steps, capable of saving a lot of space in the garage or closet. Stackable chairs are the same philosophy, another very useful and space-saving garden furniture because being stackable allows you to exploit the closet vertically, avoiding arranging the chairs randomly. As for the fixed chairs, we can say that the latter are neither folding nor stackable, but they certainly do not lack in comfort and design. Finally, a variant of garden chairs are those with armrests, more similar to armchairs and much loved because they allow you to rest your shoulders and arms.

Not just the sea or the swimming pool, sun loungers can be purchased for sunbathing or increasing comfort in the garden or on the terrace. Beach loungers are outdoor furniture that are certainly not used in the same way as garden tables, chairs or armchairs, but they are still very popular. There are different types, from the foldable, useful to be stored away in small closets, to the lounger with wheels that are easy to move, just lifting the front part. There are also sun beds with canopies, useful for sheltering from the scorching sun or reading a good book, those with reclining or fixed backrests, depending on the physical needs of the person.

Creating a living room outside allows you to take advantage of the terrace or garden in full comfort during summer. Therefore, sofas and armchairs cannot be missing, garden furniture capable of transforming the perception of outdoor spaces. The outdoor sofas have a thousand shapes and sizes, just like the indoor ones, but made with materials that can withstand atmospheric agents. The same goes for armchairs, chaise longues and lightable garden furniture. The latter include a wide variety of garden furniture, including vases, planters and various seats.

The most loved garden furniture, which takes us back to our childhood is certainly the rocking chair, of which there are different types that we can choose from based on the available space. There are two-seater, three-seater and four-seater rocking chair, each of a different size but equally comfortable as the  others. Indeed, there are rocking chairs that can be transformed into a bed, almost always available only with four seats, which increase the feeling of comfort without giving up the pleasant swinging.

What would a garden or terrace be without pots? Well, hard to imagine as fascinating and full of life spaces. The outdoor pots can be tall, able to be both useful and decorative, low outdoor pots that allow you to grow seasonal or perennial plants, perfect for embellishing porches, walls, balconies and window sills outside and corners of living rooms, kitchens, lunch area. In the end, flower boxes and luminous vases, the former widely used on terraces, in the absence of a garden, while luminous vases, versatile because they are sources of lighting and home to plants, as well as they elegantly furnish rooms.

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