Night storage units for the bedroom: the modern bedside table and even more

On balance, we spend much more time in the bedroom than in other rooms: between night rest and relax, the bedroom is in all respects the most experienced space in the house. According to the latest trends in interior design, this room must be designed to be welcoming, characterized by furnishings that are both functional and elegant. Among these, the night storage units represent an important part of the bedroom furniture: modern bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressers have always been used to store bed linen and personal items. Aesthetics with attention to detail and high quality materials are factors to be found in these furnishings so that the bedroom is a relaxing and characterized space.

Nightstands: bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressers

Depending on the use that we have to make of it, there are different furniture that fall into the category nightstands. In the drawers of the bedside tables, for example, we store glasses for reading or a notebook with a pen, while in the chest of drawers we can place sheets and blankets for daily use. In the dresser, however, we can store more refined or guest linen.

- Modern bedside tables: modern bedside tables perform multiple functions, not to mention the multiple shapes they can take. Generally, the bedside tables are chosen in pairs for the double bedrooms, to be placed on the two sides of the bed. The modern bedside table is certainly the most intimate piece of furniture in a house. Depending on our habits, the bedside table can perform different functions such as supporting the night light, being a shelf to hold a book, reading glasses or a hair clip or containing body care creams to be applied just before going to sleep. There are some essential constituents in a modern bedside table, namely the shelf and the drawer or a door, which closes a small compartment. However, there are models equipped only with one or two shelves, without drawer or door, which are just as functional and practical.

For modern bedside tables, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - FIAM - TONELLI DESIGN - TONIN CASA

- Modern chest of drawers: together with the bedside tables, another typical piece of furniture in the bedroom is the modern chest of drawers, a storage unit useful for storing a multitude of personal objects, from clothes to accessories or jewelry. The modern chest of drawers has a variable number of drawers, usually less than the thickness of a wardrobe, and a square or rectangular shape. A beautiful wooden or covered chest of drawers can help create a relaxing, elegant atmosphere and, above all, represents more space where you can store clothes and linen.

For modern chests of drawers, we recommend the brands: TONIN CASA - CATTELAN ITALIA

- Bedroom dressers: the dressers are among the most characteristic furniture for a modern bedroom. Also called chest of drawers, the bedroom dresser does not have standard sizes because these furnishings can have different sizes: surely this furniture develops horizontally, which can be up to 130 cm wide. Vertically, the dressers can also reach 90 cm while as regards the depth, it is good that a bedroom dresser has a depth of not less than 50 cm so that each drawer is quite spacious.

For bedroom dressers, we recommend the brands: CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - TONIN CASA

Bedside tables, chest of drawers and bedroom dresser: The materials

The choice of materials for our bedroom furniture is as important as choosing the type of style we want to recreate. Among the favorite is wood, a timeless and varied material, from dark essences such as ebony or walnut to lighter ones such as ash and oak, but also birch or cherry. Much of the warm atmosphere that an environment conveys is due to the presence of furniture made with this natural material. However, wood also needs care to avoid being affected by xylophagous insects, which can cause serious damage to furniture because they feed on wood fibers. We know that glass is also used to make furniture, but in our case it only applies to modern bedside tables. These are generally made using tempered glass, very resistant, alone or combined with wooden and even leather elements. Other highly appreciated materials are wrought iron and laminates and lacquered in various colours.

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