Ditre Italia: Design Sofas, Armchairs, and Beds

Ditre Italia is a well-known brand from Treviso, founded in 1976 by the De Marchi brothers, specializing primarily in the production of design sofas, armchairs, and beds.
In creating its products, Ditre Italia collaborates with important internationally renowned designers to stay up-to-date and offer innovative and modern products.
The products are manufactured with respect for the environment, using eco-sustainable materials (fabrics, leathers, etc.) and production processes that minimize environmental impact.
Furthermore, Ditre Italia products stand out for their craftsmanship, producing custom-made pieces that are meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail.


Ditre Italia: Design Sofas and Armchairs

The sofa is the undisputed protagonist of the living area, which is why it is essential to choose the model that best fits the surrounding environment. In this regard, Ditre Italia offers various models, such as sofas on legs and sofas that rest on the floor. Additionally, all sofas are available in different sizes, with the possibility of creating personalized compositions to make them even more suitable for the room they are in. To cater to all tastes, Ditre Italia also offers a wide range of leather and fabric finishes to choose from. Some models of this type include the Sanders sofa and the Avenue sofa.
Along the same lines, various types of armchairs are also made, namely modern armchairs that rest on the floor or on legs and are upholstered in leather or fabric, such as the Puppet and Softy armchairs.
The padding of these products is made with ECOSY, a sustainable material that replaces down, consisting of a blend of recycled polyester microfibers obtained from the recovery of plastic bottles through a sustainable process: it is breathable, comfortable, and soft to the touch.
Furthermore, the design of armchairs and sofas is essentially characterized by soft lines to make seating even more comfortable.

Modern Beds by Ditre Italia

The use of high-quality and sustainable raw materials and modern design are a recurring motif that is also repeated in the production of beds by Ditre Italia. On legs or with a base on the floor, upholstered and covered in leather or fabric, the bed collection is very diverse. Discover the Papilo, Flann and Sound models.

Ditre Italia: Tables, Chairs, and Accessories for the Living Area

Ditre Italia's production also targets the living area, offering tables, chairs, and accessories such as side tables, mirrors, and rugs.
The tables stand out for their rounded shapes and fine materials such as marble; examples of this type are the Pillar and Nell tables. We also find soft lines in the design of chairs, which are also characterized by the upholstery used, such as the Billie and St. Tropez chairs. Finally, but no less important, we also find a series of furniture accessories designed to make the living area cozier. We find, for example, various round side tables like the Tris and Stone models, modern mirrors to illuminate and enlarge the environment like the Multitude and Eric models, and various rugs to warm up the atmosphere like the Nolan and Carter models.

Ditre Italia: Official Online Retailer

Arredare Moderno is an official online retailer of Ditre Italia, on our website you will find: sofas, armchairs, beds, tables, chairs, and accessories in general for the living area, the true Italian design online, thanks to the partnership with the well-known Italian brand we are able to offer our customers outlet prices and irresistible promotions. An authorized retailer selling directly to the consumer with the possibility to apply discounts and special promotions of up to 30% - 45% compared to the original price.

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