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Bed Bases: Innovation and Comfort for Your Sleep

Discover on a wide selection of bed bases, designed to enhance the quality of your sleep through innovative solutions and high-quality materials. From wooden slat bed bases to advanced electric bed bases, we offer options for every need in various sizes, including single bed bases, queen-size bed bases, and double bed bases.

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Sanitymed Ergogreen single bed slat

Regular price €536.00 -10% Price €482.40

Sanitymed Ergogreen single bed slat

Regular price €536.00 -10% Price €482.40
Sanitymed Ergogreen single bed base is a single bed base with 3D suspension supports on wooden slats, with adjustable stiffness that support the anatomical shapes of the body. Also available in motorized version. Classified as a class 1 medical device

Wooden Slat Bed Bases: Natural Support

Our wooden slat bed bases combine strength and flexibility, ensuring optimal support during sleep. Available in fixed or motorized versions, they adapt perfectly to your body, improving weight distribution and promoting correct posture. Ideal for those seeking natural support, our wooden bed bases are the perfect choice for a healthy and eco-friendly bedroom.

Electric Bed Bases: Technology for Well-being

Electric bed bases represent the pinnacle of nighttime comfort. Equipped with silent motors and controllable via remote control, they allow you to easily adjust the bed position to find the ideal inclination for reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing. The electric double bed bases are available with single or independent lifting, offering the possibility to customize comfort for both partners without compromises.

ErgoGreen Bed Bases: Advanced Ergonomics

For those who are not satisfied and seek the utmost innovation, we introduce the ErgoGreen bed bases, the jewel of our offer. These ergonomic bed bases combine the latest technology with superior quality materials to offer personalized support, dynamically adapting to body contours and significantly improving sleep quality.

Versatile Solutions for Every Bedroom

Whether you are furnishing a single or double room, our bed bases adapt to every space and need. With solutions ranging from single bed bases to queen-size bed bases and double bed bases, is the ideal place to find the perfect support for your mattress, combining aesthetics, functionality, and innovation.

Explore the Bed Bases category on and transform your sleeping area into an oasis of comfort and well-being. With bed bases designed for every need, from classic wooden slats to advanced motorized solutions, we guarantee the ideal support for restful and healthy sleep.

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