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Modern coffee tables: a thousand varieties for an indispensable furniture

All the rooms in a house are important, but each of them has a specific function for those who live there. Surely the living room is one of those spaces that we use to welcome guests, so it must be furnished with particular attention so that it is at the same time practical and impeccable from an aesthetic point of view. In a modern living room there is no need for a large number of furnishing accessories: sofas, or a set consisting of a sofa + armchairs, a TV stand and the inevitable modern coffee table are essential.

Although they may seem of less importance, modern coffee tables are indispensable to make living rooms functional: how can we think of sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a cup of coffee without having a support to place them on? Various sofas and seats are therefore not enough because even modern coffee tables are necessary to complete a living room aesthetically and functionally.

Modern coffee tables: consistency of style and advice

Whether we are talking about modern coffee tables or design coffee tables, what really matters is how we can best integrate that coffee table we like so much. Therefore, we will have to ask ourselves first of all about the room that will host the chosen modern coffee table, so that we can truly understand if we are making the right choice or consider choosing another. We must start with the style, that is to understand which type of furniture our living room fits: if it is classic, maybe it is better to opt for a modern wooden coffee table, while if the style is more contemporary, we can choose between modern coffee tables in glass, steel or a design coffee table with unmistakable lines. Another element to consider is the brightness of the living room: this factor is important when furnishing a space. It is equally important if we have to insert a new furniture or complement. If the room benefits from little sunlight, then wooden or dark furnishings should be avoided, while you can give green light for glass, steel and furnishings with minimal lines. In this case, a design coffee table or a glass coffee table will be the right choice to lighten the room. There is also the size factor. These must be proportionate to those of sofas or armchairs and to the room in which we want to place our modern coffee table, thus avoiding choosing small coffee tables in large living rooms and vice versa.

Types of modern coffee tables

Fortunately, there are different types of modern coffee tables, which differ according to the use and their location. Indeed, some coffee tables are placed in the middle in relation to sofas and armchairs and they can bear greater weights than others. The extendable coffee tables turn into real tables, when space requirements require transformable furnishings.

- SIDE TABLES: this modern coffee table is a design coffee table particularly suitable for a living room with a fresh and eclectic style. It is placed not in the middle with respect to the sofa set, but on the sofa side, with the aim of offering support for small objects such as a book or the remote control. These coffee tables are generally smaller and taller than the classic modern coffee tables.

For side tables, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - CATTELAN - PEZZANI - TOMASUCCI - TONIN

- COFFEE TABLES: the most classic of modern coffee tables placed in the middle, with sofas or armchairs on the sides. This type of table, also called a smoking table, bears greater weight than the side table, and it is usually low and wide. As for shapes and materials, the selection is very wide, so as to allow a true personalization of the space. It ranges from wood to shiny or matt metal, from glass to ceramic, while the shapes range from classic to unexpected, the latter typical of design coffee tables.

For coffee tables, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - DRIADE - TONELLI DESIGN - TONIN CASA

- EXTENDABLE COFFEE TABLES: we know how difficult it is today to find a home, especially in big cities, which has large spaces. On the contrary, studios and apartments are increasingly popular, thus pushing people to find intelligent and space-saving solutions. From this requirement was born the idea of creating extendable coffee tables, that is modern coffee tables that transform into design tables that can accommodate more people. By solving problems related to the livability of the rooms, the extendable coffee tables represented a real revolution for the furnishing of small homes. In a few practical steps, a modern coffee table becomes a capacious and stable table thanks to one or more extensions.

For extendable coffee tables, we recommend: ALTACOM - TOMASUCCI

Modern coffee tables: Materials

As we can imagine, coffee tables are no longer made only of wood or, in wood and glass: today we also find them in steel, totally in glass, in polycarbonate and many other latest generation materials, characterized by strength and durability.

- GLASS COFFEE TABLE: glass is an ancient material, whose processing is synonymous with craftsmanship. But not only, glass is often preferred over other materials because of its transparency: for this reason, a modern glass coffee table is always the right choice because it can be inserted in classic or modern rooms and even when the style is ultramodern like the industrial one. In addition, glass is used to make design coffee tables, which present a structure to be enhanced and made visible.

For glass coffee tables, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - CATTELAN - FIAM - LA PRIMAVERA - TOMASUCCI - TONELLI

- STEEL COFFEE TABLES: compared to glass coffee tables, steel ones are much more robust. Particularly preferred in industrial and urban style rooms, steel coffee tables usually have rigorous shapes, even if there are models with sinuous, golden or silver lines, more suitable for classic living rooms.

For steel coffee tables, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - DRIADE

- PLASTIC COFFEE TABLES: when it comes to design coffee tables, we are often talking of modern coffee tables made with plastic materials. The latter, known for being resistant to impact and atmospheric agents, are polycarbonate, polyurethane, methacrylate and many others, which share the ability to be processed in a thousand different shapes. Not only that, these design coffee tables can be chosen in a matt or glossy finish and transported effortlessly due to the lightness of the materials.

For plastic coffee tables, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CASPRINI - SERRALUNGA - SLIDE

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