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Fixed modern dining tables

An essential element of home furnishings, the fixed modern dining table represents one of those elements that we think of first when we decide to furnish our home. Fixed modern dining tables, indeed, are able to fill and define spaces. For this reason it is essential to make the right assessments before purchasing it, both if you want to use the fixed modern dining table in the kitchen or in the living room.

Unlike extendable tables, fixed modern dining tables can be an expedient to give that scenographic touch that was missing, capable of adding dynamism and charm to the environment. This purpos

e is easily reached if we choose the fixed glass tables, which, thanks to the transparency of the material, allow us to highlight the sculptural bases or, in general, those particularities that would otherwise be hidden.

Fixed modern dining tables have a central support, which has the triple function of giving greater stability, a more scenic aesthetic and leaving maximum freedom for the guests. Instead, the supports placed at the angular ends of a fixed modern dining table are equally functional, eliminating any possible instability, but in the case of large fixed dining tables, they can cause problems in the central part of the top itself. Then the legs placed slightly inside the edge of the top give stability but not infrequently generate some problems when the number of diners is just slightly higher than the established number. For this reason, compared to extendable dining tables, fixed modern dining tables can be not very functional when you have guests at home or in family dinners, as they do not have the extension mechanisms typical of extendable dining tables.

Fixed and modern dining tables: Which ones should be chosen?

In general we can suggest to insert a modern fixed round dining table in a square environment, especially if you prefer to place the table in the center of the room and a rectangular or square table in a rectangular space. Very often it is not available in large rooms such as those on furniture magazines, therefore it is necessary to deal with the question of physical space, that is the size of the table itself, including chairs: 30 cm of space can be considered for the chairs under the table, 60 cm when these are used to sit. You should also include at least another 60 cm of free space around the dining table so that you can move freely.

Returning to the shape, fixed modern dining tables can be of three types:

- Fixed rectangular dining tables

Modern fixed dining tables of this shape have standard sizes that recur in rectangular dining tables, with the width varying from a minimum of 80 to 100 cm for wider tables. On the contrary, the length of the modern fixed tables depends very much on the number of seats: for a dining table of six people, the length to be considered in order to have comfortable seats must be approximately 150 cm.

- Fixed round dining tables

If we consider six people in a round dining table, the table must have a minimum diameter of 120 cm. If the fixed round dining table is for four people then it will be 80 cm, for eight 150 cm. Many prefer round dining tables by far, but be careful, these involve a bigger footprint!

- Fixed square dining tables

If your living room is small, choosing a modern and fixed square dining table will not be the right choice! Although the seats will be reduced to a minimum, this type of dining table adapts to the needs of space, while still offering a valid solution. In any case, there are also larger square dining tables, for example for eight seats, but the environment that welcomes it must be really large. This is to avoid that such a fixed dining table clutters too much, it is visually impacting and therefore it risks weighing down your living room.

Fixed modern dining tables: How to choose them according to the space in the kitchen and living room

The criteria that contribute to the choice of a fixed modern dining table answer two primary questions, namely the amount of space available and the conformation of the environment. The kitchen tables can be round, square or rectangular, with four or six seats according to the preference, if the kitchen is spacious and independent from the living room and dining room. Quite the opposite for small kitchens, for which we should find a fixed kitchen table that is the right compromise between the need not to clutter the living space, also avoiding not hindering the relative operating area, and the needs of functionality and comfort related to the seat. As for aesthetics, we recommend to prefer a fixed kitchen table with a slender shape, light colors and made with easy-to-clean materials.

For living room tables, on the other hand, for years now we have witnessed a progressive and inexorable disappearance of the classic dining room, in favor of a dining area in the living area of the house. So today it is even more important to consider the available space. For large living areas or open spaces, we can opt for large modern fixed dining tables, for which the top can have an extension of up to 3 meters and more: large fixed tables are chosen because you want make this furniture the protagonist of the environment, also because they generally have a single and sumptuous central support, or design feet that embellish the element. Furthermore, when the fixed dining table is chosen with the intent to embellish the dining area, tops in precious materials such as solid wood, marble, superceramic or crystal are usually preferred.

While placing a modern fixed dining table in the living room, we must leave no less than 80 cm of space between the table and the walls, while between the table and the passage area the recommended distance starts from 120 cm to rise so that there are no obstacles in the movements. Having said that, it must be added that the standard height from the floor to the table top must be between 70 and 75 cm so that the legs of the guests can easily enter it.

For fixed kitchen tables we recommend the brands:

For the fixed living room tables we recommend the brandsBONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA – DRIADE - FIAM ITALIA - TONELLI DESIGN - TONIN CASA

Wood dining tables: A timeless classic

If the choice for your modern fixed dining table falls on wood, you have to know that there are many essences to choose among. In the living room or kitchen, the fixed wood dining table always makes its figure, beyond the peculiar characteristics of the furniture. The types of wood most used in the production of fixed modern dining tables are:

OAK: a type of wood that is declined in numerous shades and processes. Among the most sought after for fixed modern wod dining tables we find dark oak and open pore oak, although lately the pale nuances of natural oak have become increasingly popular due to the exploitation of the Scandinavian style. Thanks to its hardness and durability, oak is used in the manufacture of furniture and strips for parquet, as well as, fixed dining tables.

WALNUT: The fixed modern dining tables in walnut present the typical nuances of this precious wood. Initially, Italian walnuts were used for the production of furniture, but in recent years, it has been preferred to use American walnut or canaletto. In any case, a fixed modern dining table in walnut wood will have an intense color, which turns from brown to grey with black streaks, characteristics that give the fixed dining table the refinement that only precious woods can give.

FIR: Last in order, but not in beauty and resistance is the fir wood, particularly appreciated by lovers of Nordic style who do not give up the warm touch. The fixed modern dining tables in fir wood have unique peculiarities such as the numerous knots and nuances, particularly evident around the flames.

For fixed wood dining tables we recommend the brands: ALTACOM - BONALDO - BONTEMPI CASA - CATTELAN ITALIA -COLICO - LA PRIMAVERA - TONIN CASA

Glass dining tables

Fixed modern dining tables in glass or crystal represent a large part of the market of fixed design tables: both for the transparency of the material and for the ability not to visually clutter the space, the fixed dining table with glass top is certainly a charming choice , with the certainty of integrating it in the best way in any furnishing style.

Specifically, the fixed glass dining table is solid because we are talking about a usually tempered glass, produced with technologies capable of making it resistant to impact and weight. Indeed, tempered glass owes its strength to the numerous manufacturing processes to which it is subjected and, in particular, to a sudden cooling process, capable of making it 5 times more resistant than normal glass. The workability of glass also allows to obtain colored surfaces, ideal for adding liveliness to hypermodern contexts, which need a breath of color, even if at the expense of transparency.

Unlike a fixed dining table in transparent glass Float, which has greenish shades due to the presence of iron oxide, a fixed dining table in extra-clear glass has an absolutely colorless top because iron oxide is carefully eliminated up to 90%, obtaining thus a super transparent material, with high light transmission, which gives prestige to the environment where it is positioned.

Not only transparent and extra-clear: on the market there are glasses partly colored (glossy or matt) and partly transparent, or silk-screened glasses, particularly used in homes with a fresh and young allure, very trendy in recent times. Not only that, there is also lacquered glass, which helps to give energy to your interior thanks to the layer of color on an extra-clear glass plate and not on a Float glass plate, so as to guarantee a result highly faithful to the chosen color. Finally, the smoked glass has returned to the limelight after years of oblivion, thanks to the sobriety of the smoke grey color, very in tune with the contemporary style. In addition, this type of glass is highly appreciated for modern fixed dining table tops, for tables and doors for sideboards or sideboards.

For fixed glass dining tables we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - CATTELAN ITALIA - FIAM ITALIA - TONELLI DESIGN - TONIN CASA

Glass ceramic or marble dining tables

When it comes to indestructibility in terms of fixed modern dining tables, it would be a failure not to mention the glass ceramic. Also present on the market with the names of sueperceramica, cristalceramica or Laminam, this material is increasingly used in the manufacture of modern dining tables. The secret of its strength lies in the combination of ceramic + glass or crystal, which makes the table top very resistant. A fixed modern dining table with glass ceramic top will be oil-repellent, water-repellent, resistant to acids and heat and scratch-proof, all to the advantage of the convenience of cleaning the dining table in a few seconds. On the market there are also fixed dining tables with glass ceramic top with spotted or mottled effects.

For those looking for a fixed dining table with characteristics such as strength and elegance, the ideal would be the marble top, solid, compact and with numerous color ranges. A dining table with a marble top will give the room a touch of sober elegance and prestige and it is synonymous with resistance and stability.

For fixed glass ceramic dining tables we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI

For fixed marble dining tables we recommend the brands:

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