Capo D’Opera: sideboards and cupboards, tables, mirrors and design furnishing accessories

Capo D'Opera is a well-known Venetian company in the furniture sector; it was born in 1992 and initially deals with the production of furniture for the home, to then also devote himself to contract environments.
All the projects are based on an artisanal process that is attentive to attention to detail.
The originality and excellent quality of the products made have made Capo D’Opera a leader in the furniture sector, known in Italy and abroad, also obtaining various awards and prizes.
Capo D'Opera produces truly unique objects, the result of precise sensations and moods, which are then materialized into products for everyday use. The company produces, in fact, tables and beds; containers and bookcases, wardrobes, mirrors and accessories of various kinds.

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Design sideboards and cupboards, discover the Aero, Privacy and Zurich sideboards

The cupboards and sideboards, whether we choose them for the entrance or if we choose them for the living area, constitute one of the main furnishing accessories. In fact, they immediately catch the attention, therefore choosing the right model that fits well with the surrounding environment is very important.

Capo D’opera, thanks to the wide variety of sizes, textures and finishes it offers, has become a leading company in the creation of this type of furnishing accessory. All the products are distinguished mainly by the quality of the materials and the attention to design. But not only that, the Venetian company tries to innovate more and more; in the last year, in fact, it has created sideboards whose main feature / novelty is hinges that disappear entirely in the structure (incorporated inside the legs).

Among the numerous models proposed by Capo D’Opera we can mention:

  • Aero
  • Privacy
  • Zurich

Modern and refined tables and coffee tables, come and discover the Big, Bold and Deville model

Capo D’Opera offers tables for all tastes and space needs. In fact, we can find products with a refined style for those who want to dare but also with a simple and standard design for those who don’t want to weigh down the furniture. As for the dimensions, it offers models both with considerable and rather small dimensions, to satisfy all needs.

We remember the following models:

  • Big table
  • Bold table
  • Deville table
  • Magic coffee table
  • Multibox coffee table

Design bookcases and shelves: Arda and Twiggy model

Capo D’Opera also produces shelves and bookcases to complete the furnishings of the living area. The products are distinguished mainly by geometric patterns and angular shapes. Furthermore, the possibility of combining various modules allows you to create customized compositions.

Let's remember some examples:

  • Arda
  • Loft
  • Twiggy

Other design furnishing accessories:
discover Capo D’Opera mirrors and lamps

Capo D’Opera mirrors and lamps to complete or enrich the furnishings of a home, it is also necessary to use other furnishing accessories such as mirrors and lamps.
Capo D’Opera could not fail to deal with it. For example, it creates mirrors with simple and design lines, perfect to be combined with the other products of this brand. Furthermore, as regards lighting, Capo D’Opera has given birth to a line of lamps consisting of three variants: floor and table, suspension and wall.

Some noteworthy Capo D’Opera models are:

  • Belvedere mirror
  • Narcissus mirror
  • Brillo lamp (in the three versions).

Modern night storage units, come and see the Memo and Show models

Last but not least, the aforementioned Venetian brand has also dedicated itself to the creation of night containers to give a touch of style to the bedroom as well. As for the other product categories, also in this case, the main characteristics are given by the style with attention to the smallest details and by the quality of the raw materials.

Let's remember for example:

  • Memo bedside table
  • Privacy night group
  • Show night group.


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