The modern bathroom furniture: suspended design models and freestanding models

Being a room in which we stop for a short time, the bathroom must be an extremely functional space, in the arrangement of both toilets and furnishings. The choice of a modern bathroom furniture must be made according to the available space and what we want to store in it. From modern bathroom furniture with drawers, doors and shelves to essential ones with only two drawers: the choice is up to us, but it must be well thought out. Although over time the concept of the bathroom has significantly changed, its furnishings and accessories have remained basically the same, with the modern bathroom furniture as the main, if not sometimes unique, furniture. Currently, this space is also considered a place of relax, where you can devote yourself and take care of your body, leaving stress and worries outside.

The modern bathroom furniture: the types

To be defined as a modern bathroom, it must show a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. What unites the bathrooms of the past with today's ones is order and cleanliness. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a compact, modern bathroom furniture with a functional design that makes cleaning simple.

- Freestanding bathroom furniture: the most traditional models are the freestanding bathroom furniture. With or without feet, these bathroom furniture are easily positioned, in addition to having a practically infinite choice of available models. Obviously, before buying a modern bathroom furniture, we must necessarily take into account the size and layout of our space, in order to avoid choosing an unsuitable furniture. Usually the freestanding bathroom furniture are larger than the suspended ones. As a result we have more available space to store towels, body care detergents and many other cosmetics. However, the biggest disadvantage of freestanding bathroom cabinets is that dust and hair accumulate underneath them, making it necessary to move them around.

For freestanding bathroom furniture we recommend the brands: LABOR LEGNO ARREDO BAGNO - SCARPIERA PUNTO NET

- Suspended bathroom cabinet: compared to the freestanding bathroom furniture, the suspended bathroom cabinet is a type of recent trend, which has managed to immediately conquer a large number of admirers. By virtue of their most obvious feature, these furniture leave several centimeters of free space from the floor making cleaning extremely simple. The fixing of the suspended bathroom cabinet is carried out on the wall by means of metal bars and reinforced screws: requirements must be verified before choosing a suspended bathroom cabinet. First of all, the presence of cables or pipes that could be damaged, the solidity and resistance of the wall (excluding plasterboard walls).

The suspended bathroom cabinet is characterized by ultra-modern, enveloping or straight lines, as well as presenting that versatility that makes any environment particular. Suspended bathroom cabinet is perfect and highly recommended when designing a small bathroom because it lightens and modifies the perception of space, making it visually wider.

For suspended bathroom cabinets we recommend the brands: LABOR LEGNO ARREDO BAGNO - TOMASUCCI

Modern bathroom furniture, the most used materials

As it is easy to imagine, the bathroom is a humid room and subject to the attack of detergents. Considering this, modern bathroom furniture can be made of solid wood or composite materials.


- Solid wood bathroom furniture: as for the furnishings of other rooms in the home, the modern bathroom furniture can be of different essences, but very often they are made with exotic woods. The motivation is very simple. These essences are cleaned with simplicity and they are not subject to putrefaction. These woods are bamboo, eucalyptus, mahogany and teak.


- Melamine bathroom furniture: this is the most used material to manufacture bathroom furniture as it is easy to clean and much cheaper than solid wood. This material is produced with wood particles placed under pressure and glued, subsequently covered with laminate available in different colours, ranging from white to walnut, passing through beech and pine. The finishes can be multiple to make the furniture more modern in style. The melamine panel makes the bathroom furniture heavier than one made of solid wood, but more subject to swelling of the edges caused by contact with water.


- Modern bathroom furniture in MDF: MDF is the acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard, a composite material that is more resistant than melamine and heavier. It consists of wood fibers pressed at high temperatures and more expensive than melamine. Like the latter, MDF is also covered with a coating that makes it modern and suitable for modern bathroom furniture.

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