Extendable modern and design dining tables: The reason to choose them

Deciding to buy an extendable dining table means being sure that, with sudden guests, you have enough places to welcome them all, without sacrificing practicality. Modern extendable dining tables have features that classic tables do not have such as the ability to increase the size, through specific opening mechanisms. Once extended and used to accommodate guests, the extendable dining table is closed through reverse procedure.

So, the advantages of modern extendable dining tables are evident when you have unexpected guests because it solves the matter in a few moves, avoiding to take another table. Moreover adding another table will bring problems such as unplanned excessive bulk. If it is not used for a long time it will certainly be dusty and other nuisances must not be underestimated. Furthermore, in the event of an increase in family members, the purchase of a modern extendable dining table proves to be an excellent investment, even after years. Indeed, with the increase in the number of children or more frequently, with the arrival of the grandchildren, the extendable dining table will always be useful in family lunches and dinners.

Extendable dining tables are so called because they are able to increase their size. To do this, there is a need for an opening mechanism that allows it. The latter therefore assumes fundamental importance especially if you need to lengthen it often: it is clear that the opening mechanism of the extendable dining table is as simple and functional as possible.

There are several extendable modern dining tables based on the type of opening:

- EXTENDABLE FOLDING DINING TABLES : tables with the upper top overturning while the lower one slides in such a way as to double its length.
for which the top opens so as to double its size.
this type involves opening the top in the center while the legs slide to the sides. After opening it, the extensions are inserted. In the case of large extendable dining tables, it is possible to insert additional legs so that the stability of the table is optimized.
as the wording says, these tables extend on both sides, while the legs are at the center.

Extendable wood dining table

The extendable wood dining table is the first type that comes to mind when it comes to furniture. Because wood is the material par excellence for making furniture. An extendable wood dining table is resistant, versatile and capable of adding elegance and authenticity to modern spaces. The modern extendable wood dining table can be placed in the kitchen or in the living room, thanks to the ability of the wood to adapt to any style. For example, even if our house has a modern style and we do not want to give up the warmth of the wood, we can introduce an extendable dining table in compact wood with geometric shapes with polycarbonate chairs to match. One of the most used woods in the production of extendable dining tables is that of fir, due to its qualities of strength and resistance to humidity, while if we talk about solid wood, this is subjected to cleaning processes aimed at depriving it of all low quality parts.

For extendable wood dining tables we recommend the brands : BONALDO - BONTEMPI - STONES - LA PRIMAVERA - ALTACOM ITALIA - COLICO

Extendable glass dining table

Another type of highly sought-after extendable dining table is that of the extendable glass dining table. We must first of all point out the difference between modern extendable crystal dining table and extendable (tempered) glass dining table. The former is far more valuable and expensive than glass. Generally used in tempered sheets about 15 cm thick, the crystal is subject to long processes, depending on the result you want to achieve: the chamfering, that is the perimeter grinding, the curvature, used for the most imaginative creations, the resin coating, which makes the crystal more resistant and finally the matte finish, which gives an enameled effect to the surface.

Instead, the extendable glass dining table is less valuable than the crystal one. In any case, it has the same characteristics of transparency and brightness, even if less than that with a crystal top. The glass used for this type of modern extendable dining tables, despite the apparent fragility, is extremely impact resistant because it is tempered or subjected to a heat treatment at about 700 degrees, immediately followed by cooling. This sudden hot-cold transition is aimed at creating a surface compression capable of increasing the resistance of the sheet to mechanical stress and thermal shock.

For modern extendable glass dining tables we recommend the brands : FIAM - CATTELAN - TONELLI DESIGN - BONTEMPI - STONES - TONIN CASA

Extendable marble dining table

A last example of a modern extendable dining table is the marble one, elegant both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Perfect for those who are looking for strength and refinement. The extendable marble dining tables give an exclusive touch to our interiors: this is because marble is available in nature in an infinite range of colors as well as in many chromatic variations. Indeed thanks to mineral impurities of silt, sand, iron oxides, flint nodules, over the course of millions of years, marble has come to us in many colors and nuances. Being natural, this stone is however very delicate and it dreads both acid and oily substances.

An extendable marble dining table therefore combines three important qualities for this type of furniture:

- preciousness because marble is a precious stone that is extracted in few places in the world (a perfect example is Carrara where the most precious is extracted, white marble, free of impurities);
- versatility because the extendable marble dining table is in any case an extendable dining table, thus being able to accommodate more people, without sacrificing its elegance or avoiding altering the aesthetics of the environment with another table;
- durability as we are talking about a type of stone, very hard and precious also because it is resistant over time, as well as aesthetically unparalleled.

For modern extendable marble dining tables we recommend the brands :  CATTELAN - TONIN CASA - BONALDO - BONTEMPI CASA - INGENIA CASA

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