Garden chairs, an indispensable piece of furniture on summer evenings

Having a dining area outside is also one of the reasons why many of us want to live in the countryside or in the city, but only if the apartment also has a terrace. This happens because in recent years the outdoor area has increasingly become an additional home environment. Garden tables and chairs are now an integral part of modern furniture, which can be used in the warm months of the year, but also in winter if you live in the southern regions or near the sea. As for kitchen or dining chairs, garden chairs must also be chosen according to their comfort needs: folding garden chairs to save space, with armrests to rest the shoulders, fixed and design to give a touch of outdoor charm.

As with tables, garden chairs must also be made of materials suitable for the outdoors, resistant to the action of water and UV rays so that the chairs do not become damaged and their solidity is not compromised.

Garden chairs: Types

As already mentioned, garden chairs must always be chosen with the utmost criteria, taking into account aspects such as the possibility of storing them in the closet or the need to support the arms when sitting and other factors that influence the choice.


- Folding garden chairs: garden chairs must have specific characteristics, such as being easy to handle. And few furnishings are as practical and comfortable as folding garden chairs: these with a simple movement can be opened to be used or closed to be stored away. In short, folding garden chairs are necessary when we want extreme practicality or if we usually organize parties.

For folding garden chairs, we recommend the brands: NARDI - PEZZANI


- Stackable garden chairs: being stackable also makes garden chairs functional. This feature allows you to take advantage of smaller closets and garages vertically and to avoid ruining the garden chairs which, otherwise, would inevitably be arranged in bulk.

For stackable garden chairs, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - CASPRINI - NARDI - PLUST - SCAB


- Fixed garden chairs: garden chairs are certainly less practical than folding ones, but not less comfortable. Quite the contrary. They usually combine comfort and design to be easily placed in many styles of furniture for our exteriors.

For fixed garden chairs, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - BONTEMPI - DRIADE - INGENIA CASA BONTEMPI - NARDI - PLUST -SCAB - SERRALUNGA - SLIDE


- Garden chairs with armrests: garden chairs of this type resemble armchairs and they are the favorite of those who suffer from heaviness at the level of the shoulders and prefer a seat that at the same time makes the upper back relax.

For garden chairs with armrests, we recommend the brands: CASPRINI - BONTEMPI - DRIADE - NARDI - PLUST - SCAB - SERRALUNGA - SLIDE



- Polypropylene garden chairs: this type of garden chair makes versatility its strong point, so much so that it can also be used indoors. Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer with a low density, characterized by good thermal and abrasion resistance. To the touch it was born as rough, but it can be made smooth. However, it is flammable and it cannot be considered environmentally friendly as it derives from oil.

For polypropylene garden chairs, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - DRIADE - NARDI - SCAB - SERRALUNGA - SLIDE


- Polycarbonate garden chairs: much more impact resistant than polypropylene, as well as an ecological material, polycarbonate (PC) is technically a polyester of carbonic acid. Indeed, it has a high resistance to weight and flexion, but smooth surfaces are more prone to scratches and abrasions.

For polycarbonate garden chairs, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - SCAB


- Polyethylene garden chairs: this type of garden chair is also particularly suitable for outdoor spaces. Indeed, polyethylene has always been used for the production of outdoor furniture, on all garden tables and chairs.

For polyethylene garden chairs, we recommend the brands: DRIADE - PLUST - SERRALUNGA - SLIDE


- Steel garden chairs: steel is another material suitable for the garden, due to the anti-rust treatments it undergoes. But be careful because if the steel garden chair gets chipped, rust will inevitably affect the damaged part, ruining our furniture.

For steel garden chairs, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - DRIADE - INGENIA CASA BONTEMPI - PEZZANI - SCAB - SERRALUNGA


- Aluminum garden chairs: chairs made with this material are synonymous with quality and solidity. Aluminum is known for its properties that make it one of the preferred metals in outdoor furniture, that is, the handling and resistance to rust; in addition, a particular surface treatment allows a high resistance to atmospheric agents and stains, allowing easy cleaning of the furniture.

For aluminum garden chairs, we recommend the brands: NARDI - SCAB

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