Modern chairs design: How to choose them according to your furniture

Many rooms of the house need chairs: from the kitchen to the living room, from the garden to the bedroom. In short, the choice is difficult, but you need to know that for each space there is one or more types of chairs, also according to the style of home furnishings. Don’t worry because helps you identify the type of dining chairs and those for any other space. Indeed, we offer you a wide range of modern chairs design by the best Made in Italy design brands. 

Modern dining chairs and design chairs: The features to be considered

First of all, it should be noted that modern dining chairs and design chairs have requirements that cannot be ignored: to be sure of your choice, you need to consider a few factors that inevitably influence the decision for a modern design chair rather than for another one.

- PRACTICALITY: It is mandatory in choosing the right chair, in particular if it is a modern dining chair.

- COMFORT: This is another very important aspect because a comfortable chair allows you to sit for a long time, avoiding annoying pains and posture problems.

- SIZES : Let's move on to an evaluation that on the one hand is objective since the size of the chairs depends on external factors (setting, table), and in part also subjective since personal preference also plays its role. Indeed, if we have a spacious dining room or a cover open space, we can opt for modern chairs design with armrests, for example. However, for a small space it is better to prefer modern chairs with minimal and space-saving lines.

- MATERIALS: Preferring one material over another helps have design chairs as new for a long time. Various types of fabrics such as satin and brocades are ideal for the dining room, but for the kitchen it is advisable to opt for wooden chairs or plastic chairs, easy to clean in case of stains unlike fabrics.

- FURNITURE: The last element to consider is the type of furniture, which plays a role of primary importance in choosing the type of modern dining chair. There are many furnishing styles, each of which with lines and materials, which may not be suitable for other styles. For example, if we have a modern kitchen, characterized by clean lines and materials such as steel, it is advisable to choose design chairs with simple shapes and defined contours. If the living room has an eclectic style, then the range of choices is wider, also including types of modern dining chairs with unexpected shapes and, why not, colors.

For modern design chairs and design chairs we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - BONTEMPI - DRIADE - BONALDO - INFINITI DESIGN

Dining chairs and kitchen chairs: Which are the differences?

The settings that most of all are furnished with chairs are the kitchen and the living room. These areas of the house are indeed devoted to conviviality and in fact, they represent the spaces we live the most and where we spend pleasant moments.

Starting from the kitchen chairs, they must be above all practical, functional and comfortable because it is a busy space, constantly threatened by dirt and aggressive detergents. The main things are practicality intended as a small footprint, the possibility to move the furniture easily and remove stains without problems. Therefore it is advisable to opt for wooden chairs, plastic chairs, steel chairs and eco-leather covering. You should avoid covered chairs in leather and various fabrics.

The living room, unlike the previous room, does not undergo an intense coming and going, except when we have guests at home. For this room we can choose dining chairs made of one or more materials, in wood, steel, upholstered or covered. Obviously, the important thing to consider are the sizes of the space, the table and the furnishing style of our interiors. If you want to dare, always keeping a basic balance, we suggest playing with contrasts to enhance one or more elements. For example, if the table has sober lines, you might decide to insert a set of dining chairs with a particular design. On the contrary if the table is imposing, then it is better to opt for dining chairs with simple and rigorous lines. The important thing is to maintain a sense of proportion balance.

For kitchen chairs we recommend the brands: INGENIA CASA - INFINITI DESIGN - COLICO - PEZZANI

For dining chairs we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - BONTEMPI - BONALDO - CANTORI LETTI

Upholstered chairs and covered chairs in leather - eco-leather - fabric

Among the many types of design chairs there are covered chairs, which furnish a living or dining area with elegance and originality. Among the many modern dining chairs that our site offers, there are those with solid wood structure and comfortable seat, characterized by a good dose of refinement and simplicity. Our brands also offer leather, eco-leather, and fabric coverings, thus satisfying all the possible needs that the customer requires.

For upholstered and covered chairs we recommend the brands: BONALDO - BONTEMPI - CATTELAN ITALIA - STONES - FIAM.

Wooden or metal chairs

It is now known how much wood is a strong material and with a charm that can hardly be equaled. There are several types, but those most used for the production of modern dining chairs are poplar, mahogany, ash, maple and pine. Each of these gives different sensations to the touch and sight, even if all are united by a great resistance in bearing the weights.

Metal, that is steel, aluminum, iron and others, is also widely used in the production of modern dining and design chairs. It must be said, however, that we prefer ultra light metals such as aluminum, even if steel and, more recently, brass are widely used due to their durability and aesthetic value.

If you decide to insert wooden or metal chairs in the kitchen or living room, do not forget to make the seat more comfortable. We cannot deny the greater comfort that fabric or upholstered leather can give: then, you can put comfortable chair cushions, which will constitute an additional decorative element!

For wooden chairs we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - BONALDO - TONIN CASA - COLICO - CATTELAN ITALIA

For metal chairs we recommend the brands: CANTORI LETTI - INGENIA CASA - SCAB DESIGN

Plastic and transparent chairs

In recent years, more and more brands have ventured into experimenting with synthetic materials for furniture and furnishing accessories. Modern dining chairs are not exempt indeed we find on the market design chairs made of polymers such as polypropylene (very resistant to heat and abrasion) and polycarbonate (obtained from carbonic acid), but also laminate and melamine.

Focusing on the first two, we can say that polypropylene is a very elastic material and the seat surface can be satin, rough to the touch, or shiny and smooth to the touch. On the other hand, polycarbonate is more rigid than polypropylene, but more sensitive to abrasions, so it is necessary to use a damp cloth to clean a modern dining chair of this material instead of the abrasive sponge.

In any case, these are very versatile and weatherproof chairs. We can also use them in the garden or on the terrace. In addition, almost all the establishments such as bars and clubs choose this type of chair to accommodate guests, capable of bearing heavy weights, as well as offering them the possibility of being stacked on each other, avoiding space problems.

For plastic and transparent chairs we recommend the brands: SCAB DESIGN - DRIADE - INFINITI DESIGN - NARDI - PEDRALI

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