Garden umbrellas

Garden Umbrellas, Patio Umbrellas, with Center Pole, Wind-resistant

Have you ever dreamt of spending your summer days in the shade of an elegant umbrella in your garden or on your patio? At Arredare Moderno, we offer a wide selection of garden and patio umbrellas that will make your outdoor moments even more enjoyable. We take pride in offering a vast range of high-quality umbrellas designed to withstand the elements and provide maximum sun protection.


Our umbrellas come with a sturdy center pole that ensures stability and resilience even in the presence of strong winds. We also have wind-resistant models specially designed to withstand the strongest gusts, so you can enjoy outdoor relaxation worry-free. Additionally, fast shipping will allow you to receive your umbrella directly at your doorstep in a short time, without having to wait long to start enjoying your outdoor space.

Don't miss the opportunity to create a relaxation oasis in your garden or on your patio. Choose one of our garden and patio umbrellas, and get ready to experience unforgettable outdoor moments. Visit our website, Arredare Moderno, and discover our fantastic offers on garden and patio umbrellas. We look forward to helping you create your outdoor paradise, and in our shop, you'll find everything you need for modern garden furnishing.

Buy directly online with just a few simple clicks, choose the model, size, and finish directly within the product page, add to the cart, pay securely and conveniently with your credit or debit card, bank transfer, or cash on delivery, and receive the goods in no time.

Guide to Choosing Your Outdoor Umbrella

Explore our variety of outdoor umbrellas: square, rectangular, or round shapes in a color palette ranging from subtle ecru to traditional white or green. Choose the style that suits your outdoor space best, with options including models with side poles for a touch of design or those with center poles for a more classic look, all available with manual or automatic opening for maximum convenience.

Traditional Umbrella with Center Pole, an Easy Choice

Perfect for terraces, beaches, or outdoor cafes, umbrellas with center poles offer strength and versatility. These models take up less space and are ideal for spaces of any size, providing inviting shade even with the presence of a center pole. Discover the selection available on Arredare Moderno at advantageous prices and find the umbrella that will complete your outdoor area with style and efficiency.

Umbrella with Side Arm, Convenient and Functional

Umbrellas with side arms, or offset umbrellas, maximize shaded space and are particularly appreciated for their ability to withstand elements like rain and wind. These models, with modern aesthetics and trendy finishes, are a classy addition to any outdoor space.

Browse our online catalog to discover the wide range of umbrellas with side arms, all available at attractive prices with free shipping.

Selection of Bases for Outdoor Umbrellas, a Comprehensive Range

The base of an umbrella is crucial for ensuring stability and durability. Whether you prefer solid concrete, classic iron, or elegant granite, our online collection caters to every need, offering fixed bases or bases with wheels for those who desire mobility. Choose the ideal support for your umbrella and enjoy your oasis of coolness with ease and security.

Wind-resistant Outdoor Umbrellas, Durable and Secure

Are you looking for an umbrella that can elegantly handle the summer breeze and strong gusts? Our selection of outdoor umbrellas is designed to resist the wind, ensuring longevity and stability. Our wind-resistant models are the ideal solution for those seeking reliability and comfort for their garden, terrace, or open space.

With, you'll find the umbrella that combines functionality and design, making every outdoor moment even more enjoyable.

Our wind-resistant models are designed with specific features, including:

  • Durable Fabrics: We use high-quality fabrics such as thick polyester or acrylic, which not only provide shade but also resist fading and UV damage.
  • Reinforced Structures: The frames and ribs of the umbrellas are made of aluminum, reinforced wood, or corrosion-treated metals, ensuring stability even during adverse weather conditions.
  • Reinforced Opening Mechanisms: Whether manual opening systems with robust crank handles or automatic systems with motorization, each mechanism is tested to withstand the wind.
  • Heavy and Secure Bases: The umbrella bases are designed to be heavy and stable, made of materials like concrete or cast metal to anchor the umbrella firmly to the ground.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Central or side-pole models feature shapes and lines designed to minimize wind resistance and evenly distribute air pressure.

Garden Umbrellas: Unmissable Offers on Arredare Moderno

Our umbrellas are accessible to every budget, from budget-friendly models to high-end ones, all built to last. Define your budget and take advantage of our exclusive offers. Whether you're looking for a simple garden umbrella or an advanced design piece, with, you'll find guaranteed quality and savings.

In our shop, you'll find the best brands of Italian craftsmanship like Ombrellificio Veneto and Varaschin, two leading companies in the production of durable and elegant outdoor umbrellas, thanks to their collaboration with the most renowned designers worldwide.

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