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Online sale of office cabinets produced in Italy, discover the Arredare Moderno solutions, thanks to the vast choice of brands and models available on the market. Among the best known Italian brands in the office furniture sector, we find Martex, Cattelan, Bonaldo, Potocco, Kastel and Midj, Bontempi, Cantori, Colos, Fiam, Enrico Pellizzoni, Infinity Design, Itamoby, Moroso, Scab Design, Tonin Casa and many others.

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Pantry Nucleo Martex Bar Cabinet

Regular price €1,850.74 -25% Price €1,388.06

Pantry Nucleo Martex Bar Cabinet

Regular price €1,850.74 -25% Price €1,388.06
Pantry Nucleo Martex Bar Cabinet, made of wood, with a lower compartment equipped with hinged doors in different finishes, can be equipped with a minibar, while the upper part can be customised with a shelf with LED lights.

Martex is an Italian company specialized in the production of high quality and modern design office furniture. Its products are made with first choice materials, such as solid wood, and are designed to ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

Cattelan is another Italian brand of high-end office furniture, known for the quality of its products and their innovative design. The range of Cattelan office furniture includes wardrobes, bookcases, desks and tables, all characterized by a strong personality and great attention to detail.

Bonaldo is an Italian company that stands out for the search for innovative solutions and attention to design. The range of Bonaldo office furniture includes a vast choice of models in different materials, such as wood, glass and metal, which adapt to different furnishing styles.

Potocco is an Italian company specialized in the production of high quality solid wood furniture. Its range of office furniture includes wardrobes, bookcases and desks, made with fine materials and an elegant design.

Kastel and Midj are two Italian brands known for the production of high quality office chairs with an innovative design. Both companies offer a wide choice of models, from ergonomic chairs to office armchairs, to ensure maximum comfort and productivity for workers.

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Office cabinets: types and differences

Office cabinets are fundamental elements for the correct organization of work spaces. There are different types of cabinets that adapt to different working needs. Let's see together the main categories of office furniture:

Office drawers: organize documentation

Office drawer units are furniture equipped with drawers, useful for organizing documentation and keeping work spaces tidy. There are different types of drawer units, such as those with metal or wooden drawers, with safety locks and with wheels to facilitate movement, perfect for modern office furniture .

Office lockers: store personal items safely

Office lockers are furniture that allows you to store personal items safely. They are often used in shared workplaces, such as open plan offices , to allow workers to have a personal space to store bags, jackets and valuables.

Office desks: choosing the right one

Office desks are one of the key elements for the correct organization of the work space. There are different types of desks, such as those in wood or metal, with or without drawers, corner or rectangular. Choosing the right desk depends on your work needs and available space.

Materials used for office furniture

Office cabinets can be made of different materials , such as wood, metal, glass and laminate. Choosing the right material depends on your business needs and office design. Let's see together the main characteristics of the most common materials:

Wooden office cabinets

Wooden office cabinets are very popular due to their elegant design and multiple finishes available. Wood is a resistant and long-lasting material, which easily adapts to different furnishing styles.

Metal office cabinets

Metal office cabinets represent an ideal solution for those looking for a resistant and long-lasting product. These cabinets stand out for their solid structure resistant to daily stress, but also for their modern and versatile design, which adapts to different furnishing styles.

Among the advantages of metal office cabinets , we find the possibility to choose between different finishes, such as white, black or gray, to create an elegant and professional work environment. Additionally, metal cabinets can be equipped with security locks to protect documents and equipment from unauthorized access.

There are different types for sale in our shop, including tall cabinets, chests of drawers, sideboards and storage units . Column cabinets are ideal for storing documents and archival materials, while chests of drawers are perfect for storing personal items and small work equipment.

Sideboards , on the other hand, represent a versatile and functional solution for organizing and storing various types of materials and equipment . Finally, metal storage units are perfect for storing bulky and heavy items, such as computer equipment or bulky work materials.

To choose the metal cabinet that best suits your work needs, it is important to consider your space and organization needs. Furthermore, it is possible to evaluate the purchase of products of high quality Italian brands, such as those mentioned above, to guarantee maximum reliability and durability over time.

How to furnish a small office?

Furnishing a small office can be a challenge, but with a little creativity and attention to detail it is possible to create a functional and comfortable work environment.

First of all, it is important to choose furniture suitable for the small size of the office . Opting for multifunctional furniture, such as desks with built-in shelves or cabinets with drawers and shelves inside, can help maximize available space.

Second, it's important to make the most of natural lighting , which can help create a bright and welcoming atmosphere in the office. Alternatively, you can opt for table or wall lamps to illuminate the key points of the environment.

Furthermore, it is important to choose colors and materials that create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere . Opting for light shades, such as white, beige or light gray, can help create a feeling of spaciousness and brightness in the room.

Enrich the environment with decorative accessories, such as paintings or plants, to create a welcoming and personalized atmosphere.

Here is a list of things to do to furnish a small office:

  • Choose multifunctional furniture suitable for the small size of the environment;
  • Make the most of natural lighting or integrate table or wall lamps;
  • Opt for colors and materials that create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere;
  • Enrich the environment with personalized decorative accessories .
  • Choose first quality furniture.

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