Ergogreen beds, bed frames and mattresses Made in Italy

Choosing the right bed and the right ergonomic supports, such as mattress and bed base, is essential to improve your quality of life. It is a decision that varies from person to person according to your needs: this is precisely the mission of Ergogreen, which is to create products that best meet customer requests.
Ergogreen was born in the early 70’s in Brianza and initially deals with the creation of beds and ergonomic supports, then also to the production of mattresses and bed linen.
The sleep system consists of 3 elements, the interaction of which contributes to improving the quality of sleep:

  • Ergonomic bed frame (ergonomic support of the mattress to ensure a correct posture);
  • Mattress (supporting the body offering comfort not to create tension, must be studied according to the weight and height of each user, also must be breathable):
  • Bed (different proposals and customizable models according to the specific requests of each customer).

The company success and the high prestige of the products, in fact, is given by the use of the best raw materials, a careful analysis of the needs of the current market and the attention to detail.

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Comfortable and design Ergogreen beds: come and admire the model Patricia and Gaia

Ergogreen offers a wide range of beds made following the best production techniques to ensure the best rest: double beds, single beds, French beds and beds with storage. But not only that, also the design is a very nice look in these products, giving the opportunity to choose the version that best suits the surrounding furniture by customizing the different components. Let’s not forget, in fact, that the bed is the protagonist of the bedroom and for this reason no detail should be overlooked.

Ergogreen offers you:

  • About 30 versions of headboards with horsestitch finish, rib, single ruffles or double ruffles;
  • 7 models of beds (which can be low, suspended and container);
  • 23 different types of feet (in different materials, colors and heights);
  • 7 widths and 2 lengths as standard sizes plus the possibility of making oversize and customized models;
  • Containers with different types of opening to store your laundry in the best and tidy way;
  • Innovative accessories such as the backlit head and the musical head.

Among the various Ergogreen models we can remember:

  • Patricia bed
  • Gaia bed
  • Denise bed
  • Leon bed

Ergogreen Ergonomic bed bases and Simply bed, discover the model Sanitymed and Smart

Ergogreen builds its beech plywood bed frames with FSC certification (plantations with reforestation obligation), makes use of low emission adhesives of formaldehyde E1 and non-toxic paints (certified medical devices). One of the strengths of these products is given by the rubber angle that performs the function anti creaking and anti injury. In addition, all models can be available in both fixed and manual or electric movement of the headboard and footboard. All designed with the aim of ensuring a good quality of sleep and consequently a good quality of life.
In addition to the networks just mentioned, other products worthy of note of the Brianza company are represented by the Simply bed line, a sort of evolution of the network, a product that can be used outside the bed and that for this reason must also be elegant and design (as well as comfortable) thanks to the possibility of completing the model with various types of headboards and feet.

Some examples of Ergogreen bed frame are:

  • Fleximed slatted frame
  • Auxilia bed vframe
  • Trioflex slatted frame
  • Advance slatted frame

Ergogreen mattresses: discover the Independent Springs, Traditional Springs and Memory Foam line

In the Ergogreen production mattresses could not miss, another fundamental element for an optimal rest. Also in this case the choice of the right mattress must be made according to your physical needs.
Among the various proposals we find the models of the Independent Springs line that, as the word itself says, have independent springs enclosed in a cylindrical bag: they are arranged in various comfort zones and react independently to body pressure; In this way, the different parts of the body are independently supported to reduce pressure points and relieve the venous system. Some models are also removable to ensure optimal hygiene.
Another line of Ergogreen mattresses is the Traditional Springs made with Bonnel biconical springs made with anti deformation treatment to ensure proper stiffness and perfect mattress strength.
Finally, the line in Memory Foam consists of mattresses capable of self shaping adapting to the shape of the body, thanks to the different layers that gradually give way under the weight of the body without releasing pressure.

Discover the Ergogreen mattresses:

  • Ermitage independent spring mattress
  • Metropolitan traditional spring mattress
  • Memory S2 mattress


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