Bar pouf: modern and design accessories for your restaurant

Bar poufs are that classic piece of furniture that manages to give sympathy and informality to places such as bars, restaurants, bistros and many others. Its strength lies in its ability to adapt to the style of furniture without distorting it. Indeed, the bar poufs give movement and, in the case of rooms with a solemn style, play down the tones in a balanced way. Even in the world of interior design for public places, modern poufs have conquered their space thanks to their versatility, so they can be chosen in continuity or in contrast, chromatic or material, with the lines present in the environment where they are placed. Not only that, bar poufs are very often considered as splashes of colour with the task of capturing attention, used in place of voluminous seats, especially in small bars or restaurants.

Bar pouf types

Poufs as well as bar sofas can be comfortable, colourful but also more minimalist or rigid, they can give an idea of ​​exclusivity to the environment or maybe, depending on your personality, be fun and cheerful. They can be used both as seats and also to define environments. We can divide the bar poufs into three categories according to the shape.

The bar poufs in the classic models: they are characterized by soft shapes and circular lines, as well as making comfort their workhorse. They can usually be combined with bar sofas or armchairs to create furniture sets with an undeniable appeal.

For classic model design poufs, we recommend: BONALDO - POUF DESIGN


The square or irregular shaped bar poufs: it will seem strange, but this type of modern pouf does not fall into the classic type as the circular ones. The square design poufs are perfect for those who like to enrich their living room with geometric shapes because they can be combined with each other in various ways. Even the design poufs with irregular shapes are valid tools to give movement to your room, especially if large.

For square or rectangular shaped design poufs, we recommend: POUF DESIGN- SLIDE


The bean bag model poufs: these types of modern poufs convey comfort and warmth at first glance. They are perfect for bars, cafes, tea rooms by virtue of their being informal. As for patterns and materials, they are of the most disparate, generally very resistant, while the padding usually consists of polystyrene microspheres.

For design poufs, we recommend: POUF DESIGN

Bar pouf materials

As with all furnishings for public places, in purchasing a bar pouf, even more so if a design pouf, we must consider a number of significant factors. Mainly, they are sizes and materials with which it is made so that we can choose the one that is most in line with the furnishing style of our bar, which is also easy to clean and resistant to intensive use.

The materials with which a bar pouf is made can be many, but certainly the most recommended are leather, eco-leather and materials that are highly resistant to abrasion and bad weather. Leather is a material of animal origin, inexpensive, but resistant and with an undeniable charm. Eco-leather is equally resistant, but much cheaper, certainly the most recommended covering material for bar furniture. Different speech for outdoor bar poufs, which would always be better to choose in materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene, a guarantee of long life and simple maintenance.

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