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A vast selection of the best made in Italy office desks , designed in Italy in collaboration with the best designers on the international scene, perfect for furnishing the home studio and home office , multiple functional and stylish solutions at affordable prices.

Choose the quality and design of Cattelan Italia , Bonaldo, Potocco , Midj , Martex , Tonelli, Tonin , MDF Italia and many others, executive desks, bench desks , corner desksworkstation desks, made of glass, metal, wood and materials of top quality that guarantee robustness and extensive customization.

Modern office desks, online sale

If you are looking for a quality modern office desk and want to make an online purchase, then you are in the right place. Our wide range of modern office desks offers a great choice of designs, sizes and finishes.

All our desks are made with quality materials, they are resistant and long-lasting and therefore ideal for use in any environment. Our products not only look modern, they are also comfortable to use and extremely functional .

We have products suitable for all needs: from modular modular desks to corner desks, all designed to ensure practical and efficient use of the workspace.

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Where should the desk be placed?

Your choice of desk location is critical to an efficient work environment. A well-organized workstation helps maintain workflow and prevents the occurrence of back pain or other ailments.

To choose the optimal position, it is necessary to take into account the size of the desk and the space available. The desk should be positioned to allow adequate distance between the monitor and the user's eyes. The recommended distance is about 50-70cm .

The chair should be height adjustable and allow the body and arms to maintain a comfortable posture to avoid back and joint pain. The chair should be leaned against the desk, with the feet touching the floor and the knees parallel to the ground.

As far as light is concerned , if possible, direct light sources such as windows or light fixtures should be avoided which can cause discomfort to the eyes. Another consideration is that relating to materials; the desk surface should be able to reflect light, such as a polished wood top, so as not to create shadows on the computer screen.

In conclusion, the ideal position of the desk depends on the size and available space, but also on the adjustable chair and on the type of lighting present in the environment. By adopting these preventive measures, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and efficient work environment.

Executive, wokstation, office bench desks

Office desks can be an important element of a working environment.

There are different types of desks, including executive, operational and multiple .

  1. Executive desks are usually larger and feature a sleek design. Typically, they feature drawers, shelves, and adjustable heights. They are ideal for executives in a modern office.
  2. Worstation desks offer great versatility. They are designed to vary in height according to the user, allowing them to adapt to a dynamic environment. In addition, they often come with ergonomic devices such as palm rests and keyboards.
  3. Finally, bench desks are perfect for teams that need to work in groups. This is modular furniture that allows multiple people to work together on the same project or documentation. They can easily be configured in circular or rectangular patterns to suit office and staff needs.

With the right choice, office desks can become a valuable ally in achieving business goals.

The best office desks according to Arredare Moderno

We have compiled a ranking of office desks and office tables based on sales and reviews from our customers in recent years:

  • Kyo Martex desk: a contemporary style executive, presidential and meeting desk, with simple shapes that enhance the use of materials and the thick tops. Kyo is characterized by its maximum customization, thanks to the wide range of articles and finishes.
  • Pigreco bench desk Martex: perfect for furnishing modern offices. It is characterized by a structure that is quick and easy to assemble, available in 3 finishes white, black, titanium or lacquered and by a central beam that can be equipped for electrification.
  • Marigold Itamoby desk: a desk in transparent glass, light and refined. Great feature is given by the tapered legs that give versatility.
  • Nasdaq Keramik desk Cattelan: made in different Marmi ceramic finishes, with wooden chest of drawers and painted steel leg. It stands out for its innovative and sparkling design.
  • Wall Street Cattelan desk: an elegant desk characterized by the combination of an MDF wooden structure and an elegant shaped top in high quality marble, features that make it unique in its kind.

Office in a modern style: ideas for working in an elegant environment

Creating a study corner at home becomes more and more essential every day. This is why studio furniture cannot be underestimated and needs a touch of style that allows you to better enjoy the environment, especially when you have to spend many hours there.

Designing a workspace at home isn't just important for freelancers. Everyone needs a dedicated area for documents or PCs and where they can make plans and studies. Read the full article on our blog >>

Furnishing the home office with trendy desks

To furnish your home office with taste, also following current trends, you must first select the right modern desk . Here are the trendy desks for 2023: some proposals from Arredare Moderno. Read more >>

Glass Desk: Models and Design Characteristics

Whether it's for the office or the home study , the glass desk is able to give a touch of lightness to the space, thanks to the transparency of the material and the clean lines typical of design desks. In this sense, Made in Italy is second to none because there are many Italian companies that make modern glass desks with a unique design, perfect and above all widely adaptable to any environment.

Having said that, let's discover together some examples of glass desks from the best Made in Italy brands, so that we can have a wide range of choices suitable for all space needs. Read more >>

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