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The best made in Italy wooden office desks , ideal for furnishing the Home Office in your home or studio with style, discover the dedicated discounts and promotions of Arredare Moderno.

To furnish the office with a wooden desk, it is important to choose a model that adapts to the style and design of the environment.

It is advisable to opt for a desk with neutral colors and clean lines , so that it blends easily with the surrounding decor. Furthermore, it is important to choose a model that is functional and resistant, in order to guarantee efficient and productive work. It is also advisable to combine the desk with other furnishing accessories, such as a bookcase, an office armchair, an ergonomic chair and a table lamp.

There are numerous models of wooden office desks available on our online shop. For example, one of the most requested models is the company's teak wood and solid teak desk Martex is a classic and elegant model which can be personalized with a series of accessories.

This desk has a large and durable work surface and is built to be sturdy. Furthermore, it is available in a range of finishes ranging from natural teak to cherry, white, walnut and ash.

Another option is the Martex oak wood desk, which comes with a sturdy solid wood frame, and features a sleek, modern design. This desk is available in several finishes, including light oak, white, cherry and walnut. It also features a lock function to keep your documents and work items safe.

Furnishing the home office in a modern style

To furnish a modern home office, it is advisable to opt for a quality solid wood desk , such as the one produced by the Italian company Martex , model Kyo Light.

This modern desk has essential and clean lines , and can be customized with accessories such as a bookcase, a PC shelf and an ergonomic chair.

Furthermore, the desk can be enriched with bold colors and design accessories, such as a table lamp and a bookcase with contemporary lines. Finally, for an extra touch of style, the desk can be embellished with a set of green plants or with a series of decorative objects.

Wooden office desks, the best according to Arredare Moderno

Among the most popular and sold models on our online shop:

  • Han Martex desk: Desk that expresses a rigorous and decisive style. It is characterized by the quality of the materials used, by the attention to detail and by the care of the workmanship, without neglecting comfort, style and authority in offices and work environments. The Han desk merges into a harmonious whole to satisfy the most other aesthetic standards, with a melamine, lacquered, wood, leather and concrete top combined with an aluminum or brill structure . Several options are available for the electrification of the desk tops.
  • Martex Kyo Light desk with chest of drawers: it is elegant and contemporary. Characterized by a monolithic structure with a traditional portal shape. Desk with a high load of personality thanks to the use of new materials and innovative technology. It gives prestige to the office where positioned. Kyo Light has the ability to furnish a managerial area as well as an operational area with quality, or to solve a meeting room in a professional way.
  • Martex Pigreco Loop operative desk: perfect for sharing office spaces. It is characterized by a structure that is quick and easy to assemble, available in 3 finishes white, black, titanium or lacquered and by a central beam that can be equipped for electrification. The tops, on the other hand, can be in melamine and lacquered with a thickness of 30 mm.

How to furnish the office? The advice of Arredare Moderno

The first thing to consider when furnishing an office is functionality. The arrangement of the furniture must be such as to ensure regular circulation within the space and to facilitate the management of work activities.

It is advisable to choose quality, modern design furniture that guarantees comfort and durability over time. The choice of materials must be in line with the needs of the environment, such as the use of traditionally designed wooden furniture or plastic materials if you are trying to recreate a modern environment.

The lighting must be well defined, in order to avoid areas that are too bright or too dark. The choice of lights with a warm or cold effect changes the perception of the space and helps to convey a certain style. Finally, we must not forget the choice of furnishing accessories. Rugs, plants, paintings, shelves, vases and other accessories can help make the space more welcoming and personal.

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