Chaise Lounges

Chaise Lounges

The modern lounge chair for living room

Every corner of the house is perfect for relaxing and therefore suitable for hosting a modern lounge chair. This chair is particularly suitable for the living area, in elegant and modern contexts. A lounge chair in the living room usually accompanies a sofa or a set of sofas, with which it creates a harmonious corner suitable for welcoming guests. Sometimes, the modern lounge chair is chosen as trompe-l'œil furniture, perhaps because it is characterized by particular lines, colours or types of coating compared to the rest of the environment. Whatever the reason why you decide to buy it, the modern lounge chair represents one of the most iconic furnishings in the history of design, which is worth knowing more closely, starting with the covering material. A lounge chair in real leather, black, white or brown, is a joker that can be inserted in environments with a modern, eclectic or classic allure style. Most of the models on our site are also made of eco-leather, for those who prefer to have a more resistant living room lounge chair, or in fabric.

For modern lounge chair we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA - DRIADE – TONIN

Also outside: The garden lounge chair or for terrace

If until some time ago the lounge chair was connected exclusively to environments such as living rooms or professional studios, over the years this furniture has also been cleared for the outdoors. Indeed, in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool, the modern lounge chair will help to add an irresistible chic touch during the summer, when you are more likely to live outside. As you can guess, the garden lounge chair is different from the living room lounge chair: that for outdoor spaces must be designed to resist water and UV rays. Therefore, this type of modern lounge chair has a steel structure, usually painted, or it can be completely made of polyethylene, an artificial material particularly suitable for withstanding bad weather.


Types of modern lounge chair and features

There are two types of modern lounge chair, the differences of which are fundamental for understanding which one you need and the use that one wants to make of it:

FIXED LOUNGE CHAIR: a modern fixed lounge chair usually has four feet and for this reason you cannot turn it at will. In the fixed version, this modern lounge chair is particularly suitable for open spaces such as gardens and terraces, which do not require revolving models, but must be preferably reclining.

SWIVEL LOUNGE CHAIR: the modern swivel lounge chair is certainly the most requested for stays devoted to elegance. This is because it is possible to place it in specific corners of an environment, why not, open to the whole space. The base, which allows the lounge chair to be turned 360 °, is usually in steel, painted or chromed.


Full Moon Driade Chaise Longue

€3,490.00 -20% €2,792.00
Full Moon Driade Chaise Longue with supporting structure in steel wire, shell in Baydur600 coated or matt lacquered. Cushion...

Chaise Longue Leeon Soft Driade

€3,350.00 -20% €2,680.00
Chaise Longue Leeon Soft Driade    with back in flexible cold-foamed polyurethane with metal inserts, wooden seat with...

Time Out Serralunga

€777.38 -20% €621.91
Time Out deckchair Serralunga  made with polyethylene seat and white painted steel frame. Available in different colours....

Sylvester Cattelan Italia

€2,980.83 -35% €1,937.54
Sylvester Deckchair Cattelan Italia  on wheels with frame in steel and wood, upholstered and covered in  eco-leather or...

Donovan Cattelan Italia

€2,282.17 -35% €1,483.41
Donovan Deckchair Cattelan Italia  with base in white or graphite embossed painted steel, wooden shell upholstered and...

Casanova Cattelan Italia

€2,308.16 -35% €1,500.30
Casanova Deckchair Cattelan Italia swivel and   reclining.   Base in polished stainless steel or black embossed painted...

Neoz Driade

€2,990.00 -20% €2,392.00
Neoz deckchair Driade  with wooden frame with ebonized mahogany finish. Aluminum die-casting legs' ends and nylon wheels....

Hall Driade

€2,350.00 -20% €1,880.00
Hall deckchair Driade   with wooden conglomerate frame. Padding and cushions in polyurethane foams and cotton wool. Fixed...

Leeon Driade

€3,673.00 -20% €2,938.40
Leeon deckchair Driade   with backrest in cold foamed flexible polyurethane with metal inserts. Seat with elastic belts and...

Tic Tac Slide

€1,207.80 -15% €1,026.63
Tic Tac chaise longue Slide,  with structure in  polyethylene, available in the standards or lacquered colors.

Tic Slide

€622.20 -15% €528.87
Tic chaise longue Slide,  with structure in  polyethylene, available in the standards or lacquered colors.