Double and single mattresses: memory or springs?

Sleeping well is essential to better face your daily commitments: for this reason the choice of a good double, single or queen-size mattress must be well thought out, for ourselves and for our children. A proper mattress should be neither too rigid nor too soft. In order to promote a correct night's sleep, a mattress must be rigid enough to bring benefits to the back and limbs, but also slightly soft to immediately reconcile sleep. The mattresses can be double, single or queen-size according to the needs of the person while from a structural point of view, they are springs, pocket springs or memory.


Types of mattresses

Choosing the type of mattress is a decision that is made quickly enough: if we are a couple, who is looking for a mattress for two, then the double mattress is the only option we have. A single bed is perfect for children and teenagers, perhaps purchased in pairs to furnish a bedroom or guest room. If the single is not enough but the double mattress is excessive, opting for a queen-size mattress represents the right middle ground.

- Double mattress: it is the mattress par excellence. Designed to comfortably accommodate two people, the double mattress guarantees both the space needed to rest comfortably. The sizes of a double mattress are generally 160/170 cm wide and 190/200 cm long.

- Single mattress: it is the mattress for a single person which is usually used for children's bedrooms. It is designed to accommodate a single person as it has sizes that correspond to 80/90 cm wide by 190/200 cm long.

- Queen-size mattress: it is a model created to guarantee greater comfort to those who use it. Indeed, compared to the single mattress, the queen-size mattress measures 120 cm in width and approximately 190 cm in length. Then there is another model of this type of mattress, called "French", less common and slightly larger than the queen-size one (140x190 cm).

Mattresses: the materials used for manufacturing

In terms of materials, double, single or queen-size mattresses can be with springs, pocket springs and memory.

- Spring mattress: when we think of a mattress, the spring mattress almost certainly comes to mind. This model is the most traditional and consists of springs, which allow good ventilation of the mattress, so they are recommended for those suffering from excessive night sweats. They are also recommended for overweight people, as the springs prevent any deformation.

- Pocket spring mattress: very similar to the spring mattress, the pocket spring mattress is so called because each single spring has a sort of casing, a cotton bag that makes these springs independent from each other: in other words, their possible deformation depends on the weight exerted on them and not on the influence of the nearby springs. There are double or single mattresses with pocket springs from 700, 1000, 3000 up to 10000 springs, for absolute comfort.

- Memory mattress: this mattress is perfect for chilly people or for those who live in mountain areas. Indeed, the memory mattress allows less air circulation inside and therefore body heat remains imprisoned inside it for longer. It adapts very well to the body and it is also much lighter than the others, which makes it easy to carry, especially when double.

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