Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses: all the advantages of the traditional mattress

Resting well is very important, which is why it is essential to choose a mattress that knows how to make the hours of rest as comfortable as possible. For years, spring mattresses were the only mattresses on the market, but today this is no longer the case. These mattresses are particularly suitable for people of robust build, who therefore require more support to rest well.


The advantages of a spring mattress do not end here because this type of mattress favors the transpiration of the fabrics, avoiding excessive sweating during the summer season. Indeed, the conformation of the springs ensures that the air inside circulates because their movement facilitates the exchange of air. By virtue of this, the spring mattress does not allow the proliferation of bacteria and mites, to the benefit of health, even more so if you are allergic. The spring mattresses can be of many types, single, double, queen size and French mattresses.

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