Potocco: chairs and armchairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables, mirrors and designer furnishings

Potocco is an important company in the field of furniture, founded in Friuli Venezia Giulia in 1919 by Domenico Potocco.

It started out as a small workshop producing mainly chairs. Over the years, however, it has expanded its production to other furnishing accessories for both domestic and contract use, and not only for indoor and outdoor environments. As a matter of fact, it manufactures chairs, sofas, tables and furnishing accessories of various types to decorate modern and design environments.

The company is currently managed by Antonino Potocco and his daughters. It is known worldwide thanks to an extensive network of dealers and the opening of Potocco USA and Potocco Asia-Pacific offices.

In addition, the company's success is due to its professionalism and innovative processes, but also to the attention that is dedicated to the customer, who is actively involved in the design of the products of interest.

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Potocco Seats: come and discover chairs, stools, armchairs and sofas

Among the Friulian brand's best-known products is certainly the seats. Potocco, in actual fact, proposes various models of sofas, stools, armchairs and chairs. Thanks to this wide range of choice, it is easy to furnish both the living area and the kitchen.

Moreover, these product categories are available to complete both indoor and outdoor furnishing.

The different models of Potocco armchairs and chairs include, for example:

  • Hiru chair
  • Miura stool
  • Stay armchair
  • Spring sofa 

Design tables and coffee tables, discover the Diva, Bon Ton and Spring models

When furnishing a kitchen or living room, it is imperative to choose the perfect table for the room. In this regard, Potocco offers various models: square, rectangular or round tables.

There are also different models for coffee tables, to meet the varied demands of customers.

Moreover, the choice is also made easier thanks to the various types of materials and finishes available.

Some outstanding models are:

  • Bon Ton table
  • Diva table
  • Spring coffee table
  • Tray coffee table 

Modern and minimalist design writing desks and console tables: discover Arial, Linus and Wood

Potocco's modern and linear style characterises all product categories. Like the tables and coffee tables, the writing desks and console tables are models made of the highest quality materials to best meet the most varied customer needs: the availability of different wood and metal finishes allows the products to best adapt to the surrounding furnishings.

We recall for example the following models:

  • Arial (writing desk and console table)
  • Linus (writing desk and console table)
  • Wood (writing desk and console table) 

Mirrors, carpets, sideboards and bookcases: discover all the models to complete the living and sleeping area

Potocco offers floor or wall mirrors with revolutionary shapes to give that extra touch to the room in which they are placed.

In order to furnish in the best possible way, Potocco has thought that the various complements, such as seats, must be harmoniously united with the surrounding complements. To this end, it has created a line of carpets that create this continuity and give elegance and style to the room.

Last but not least, the above-mentioned Friulian brand also proposes, among its various products, different types of storage furniture and bookcases to enrich the living area and give the possibility of storing objects or books in an orderly manner. Come and discover the various versions suitable for modern and minimalist contexts!

Among the various Potocco models we can find:

  • Stilla mirror
  • Tale mirror
  • Gambit carpet
  • Avant sideboard
  • Sen cupboard
  • Arial bookcase


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