Payments has adopted own price policy to ensure the utmost transparency and the best possible price. On each product profile you can view the list price including VAT with its discount and the final product price. Prices may vary depending on the choice of the various selected attributes. Through the automatic calculation of the price, by selecting the version and possible variants of products you can know in real time the actual price of the desired object in the selected variant.

For Italy and the European Union the estimate is always inclusive of VAT.

For European Union companies and for companies outside the European Union it is possible to invoice without the application of VAT. In this case you can make a request before the order payment. We will provide an estimate and the actual amount to be paid without VAT.

In the outlet and promotions section you can find articles with particularly advantageous discounts. proposes periodically special offers about some articles for advertising purposes. Please note that the articles in promotions are not second choice products, resulting from stock, exhibitions or purchased at a lower price by the company, but always new and first choice.

And you can contact our Contract Service for custom quotes and extra discounts for furniture and furnishings for commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants and public places.

Our users will be able to capture important promotions through our category dedicated to the "Time Offers" where regularly products will be released with super discounts and unrepeatable occasions in order to buy furniture for your decor!

We invite you to visit our Discount Codes section which will allow you to access to promotional coupons with extra discounts to be enjoyed during the up-to-date shopping and referring to our trademarks and product categories.

Bank transfer

A traditional formula always comfortable and safe. We will provide you our bank details in order to be able to make the transfer from your bank or directly from your online account.

Here there are all details to proceed:

Beneficiary: ARREDARE MODERNO s.r.l.
IBAN: IT15W0200875730000105480732
Description: Please write your surname and order number
Bank: Unicredit


PayPal is the most widespread and easiest system for online payments. You can use all common credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Payments with PayPal are easy, quick and safe.

ArredareModerno does not display any of your data since all payments are handled exclusively on PayPal Verisign safe servers.

Important: please always be sure than the shipping address written on PayPal is the same as the one written at the moment of the order on ArredareModerno.

Credit card

You can use all common credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Payment and delivery time

Please note that the delivery times indicated in the product advertisement started since the entirely amount are received.