Modern beds: design and style in the bedroom

Despite what you might think, choosing a modern bed is not as simple as it may seem because we are talking about the undisputed protagonist of the bedroom, what more than anything else defines the night space. Consequently, the impact that the bed has from an aesthetic point of view is far from marginal. We can choose it in continuity with the colours and materials of other components of the bedroom, or integrate it as a breaking element, choosing an exclusive design bed.

Beyond this, a modern bed has an equally important function, that is, it is responsible for our relax and daily rest. However, unlike a few decades ago, today we also carry out activities on the bed such as reading or watching films and TV series on laptops or tablets.

Modern beds: Types

If once there were only double beds and single beds, today the choices have multiplied, meeting all needs, especially in terms of space. Obviously, if we are lucky enough to have a spacious bedroom, we can choose a large modern bed or a design bed, which catches the eye. But if instead our rest room has a limited size, we must stick to not too large beds or maybe opt for space-saving solutions such as storage beds: these have a laundry compartment under the mattress, which allows us to have a space for extra storage in the room.

Modern double beds: the double bed is the type of bed that makes us think of rest more than others. Usually a double bed has standard sizes, at least as far as the mattress is concerned and they are 190 cm long and 160 cm wide, with the thickness varying according to the manufacturers and the type of mattress (classic, memory etc). There are, however, exceptions, such as modern beds made to measure for particularly tall people or the King Size formats, whose sizes exceed the standard ones of 20-40 cm. Finally, there is the so-called "French bed", slightly smaller than a double bed of about 20 cm.

Modern single beds: single beds are still widely used, unlike what you can imagine. In particular, we find them in the rooms of children and teenagers or in all types of accommodation. Like double beds, single beds can also be of many types (with canopy, foldaway etc.) or design. This type of bed is made to accommodate a single person, so its sizes vary little, even if it generally measures 100 cm by 205 cm, with a mattress of 90 x 190 cm.

Queen-size beds: these modern beds are halfway between the double bed and the single bed: certainly it can also accommodate two people, but the comfort will not be as high as in a double bed. If instead we use it instead of the single bed, we will have a larger bed all for us.

Indeed, the sizes of the single-size beds are 130 cm by 205 cm, if we consider a mattress with measures 120 cm by 190 cm.

Storage beds: these beds are certainly very useful in small bedrooms because they offer a practical storage solution. Indeed, the storage box occupies the space of the bed frame, which can be easily accessed. Here we can arrange bed linen, including blankets, throws, duvet and towels.

Modern beds, materials

One area in which we can indulge ourselves is that of the choice of materials for our modern bed. Indeed, the manufacturing companies give customers the opportunity to customize their bed as much as possible, so as to create a furniture that 100% reflects the wishes of those who buy.

The choice of materials for our modern bed concerns both the structure and the possible covering. As for the structure, we have:

- Modern beds with wooden structure: it is the most classic bed, made with a noble and resistant material. The wooden structure ensures durability and resistance, as well as the possibility of giving a warm touch to your bedroom. Ideal for modern rustic or shabby chic oriented sleeping areas.

For the wooden frame beds, we recommend the brands: BOLZAN LETTI - BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN - DRIADE - FELIS - TONIN CASA

- Modern beds with aluminum structure: we know how much aluminum is an extraordinary material, resistant to the oxidative action of the air and, above all, ultralight. A modern bed with an aluminum structure will be easily manageable, as well as ensuring solidity and resistance.

For aluminum frame beds, we recommend the brands: BOLZAN LETTI

- Modern beds with iron or metal structure: these beds are considered among the most elegant and, not surprisingly, are among the couples' favorite. The iron frame beds can have both straight and clean lines and pleasant scrolls, which reproduce twigs of shrubs or flowers. Perfect for modern and romantic bedrooms.

For beds with iron or metal structure, we recommend the brands: BOLZAN - CANTORI

- Modern beds with steel structure: this material is generally associated with design beds or in any case with bed types with ultra-modern lines. Steel is synonymous with strength and shine and it does not require special maintenance.

For steel frame beds, we recommend the brand: DRIADE


For the covering instead, the most used materials to make a modern bed are:

- Fabric: a modern bed with fabric covering represents a practical choice because many of the beds covered with fabric are removable and therefore washable. The fabrics are dozens, from cotton to linen among the finest, but velvet is also very popular because it is elegant and timeless.

For modern beds with fabric covering, we recommend the brands: BOLZAN LETTI - BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - DRIADE - FELIS - TONIN CASA

- Leather: timeless material, real leather adapts to multiple styles of furniture. Usually, leather is sewn by hand and the surface can be smooth or capitonné, the latter with a classic and elegant allure. Nubuck, a fine-grained cowhide, is one of the most used types of leather for making modern beds. In addition, it is good to know that a bed with leather covering is ideal for people allergic to dust mites.

For modern beds with leather covering, we recommend the brands: BOLZAN LETTI - BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - TONIN CASA

- Eco-leather: opting for an eco-leather bed covering means choosing a resistant and natural material, which has been worked using treatments with reduced environmental impact. From an aesthetic point of view, eco-leather has a more uniform appearance than real leather.

For modern beds with eco-leather covering, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - FELIS - TOMASUCCI - TONIN


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