Modern beds: design and style in the bedroom

Despite what one might think, choosing a modern bed is not as simple as it may seem because we are talking about the undisputed protagonist of the bedroom, that which more than anything else defines the sleeping space. Consequently, the impact that the modern bed has from an aesthetic point of view is anything but marginal. We can choose it in continuity with the colours and materials of other bedroom components, or we can integrate it as a breaking element, choosing an exclusive design bed.

Beyond this, a modern bed has an equally important function, namely that it is responsible for our daily relaxation and rest. However, unlike a few decades ago, today we also perform activities on the bed such as reading or watching films and TV series on laptops or tablets.

Modern beds: Types and models

Whereas in the past there were only double beds and single beds, today the options have multiplied, meeting all requirements, especially in terms of space.

Of course, if we are lucky enough to have a spacious bedroom, we can choose a large modern bed or an eye-catching designer bed.

But if our sleeping room has a smaller footprint, we should stick to beds that are not too big or perhaps opt for space-saving solutions such as storage beds: these have a laundry compartment underneath the mattress, which gives us extra storage space in the room.

Modern double beds

Modern double beds: the double bed is the type of bed that makes us think about resting more than others. Usually a double bed has standard measurements, at least as far as the mattress is concerned, and these are 190 cm length and 160 cm width, with the thickness varying according to the manufacturers and the type of mattress (classic, memory, etc).

There are, however, exceptions, such as modern beds made to measure for particularly tall people, or king-size beds, whose measurements exceed the standard ones by 20-40 cm. Finally, there is the so-called 'French bed', which is slightly smaller than a double bed by about 20 cm.

The modern double bed is the most popular type of bed in our online shop, discover all available models.

Single beds: with storage, upholstered, wrought iron, wooden

Modern single beds: single beds are still widely used, contrary to what one might imagine. In particular, we find them in children's and teenagers' rooms or in accommodation of all kinds. Like double beds, single beds can be of many types (canopy, foldaway, etc.) or designs. This type of bed is made to accommodate a single person, so its dimensions vary little, although it generally measures 100 cm by 205 cm, with a 90 x 190 cm mattress.

Queen size beds: models and trends

Queen size beds: these modern beds are halfway between a double bed and a single bed: they can certainly accommodate two people, but the comfort will not be as great as in a double bed. If, on the other hand, we use it instead of a single bed, we will have a larger bed all to ourselves.

In fact, the measurements of single beds are 130 cm by 205 cm, if we consider a mattress measuring 120 cm by 190 cm.

Storage beds: with or without headboard, upholstered, modern

Storage beds: certainly these beds are very useful in small bedrooms because they offer a practical storage solution. In fact, the storage box occupies the space of the bed frame, which is easily accessed. Here we can store bed linen, including blankets, throws, duvets and towels.

Modern beds, materials, wood, aluminium, wrought iron

One area in which we can indulge is in the choice of materials for our modern bed. In fact, manufacturers give customers the opportunity to customise their bed as much as possible, so as to create a piece of furniture that 100% reflects the wishes of the buyer.

The choice of materials for our modern bed concerns both the frame and the possible upholstery. As far as the structure is concerned, we have:

  • Modern beds with a wooden frame: this is the most classic bed, made of a noble and resistant material. The wooden frame ensures durability and strength, as well as the possibility of adding a warm touch to your bedroom. Ideal for modern sleeping areas with a rustic or shabby chic orientation.

For beds with wooden frames, we recommend: BOLZAN LETTI - BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN - DRIADE - FELIS - TONIN CASA

  • Modern beds with an aluminium frame: we know that aluminium is an extraordinary material, resistant to the oxidative action of air and, above all, ultra-light. A modern bed with an aluminium frame will be easily manageable, as well as ensuring solidity and strength.

For beds with an aluminium frame, we recommend: BOLZAN LETTI

  • Modern beds with an iron or metal frame: these beds are considered among the most elegant and, not surprisingly, are a favourite with couples. Iron-framed beds can have either straight, clean lines or pleasant swirls, which reproduce twigs of shrubs or flowers. Perfect for modern, romantic bedrooms.

For beds with iron or metal frames, we recommend: BOLZAN - CANTORI

  • Modern beds with a steel frame: this material is generally associated with design beds or, in any case, with bed types with ultra-modern lines. Steel is synonymous with robustness and shine and does not need special maintenance.

For beds with a steel frame, we recommend: DRIADE

For upholstery, on the other hand, the materials most commonly used to make a modern bed are:

  • Fabric: a modern bed with fabric upholstery is a practical choice because many of the fabric-covered beds are removable and therefore washable. There are dozens of fabrics, from cotton to linen among the finest, but velvet is also popular because it is elegant and timeless.

For modern beds with fabric covers, we recommend: BOLZAN LETTI - BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - DRIADE - FELIS - TONIN CASA

  • Leather beds: a timeless material, real leather adapts to a variety of furnishing styles. Usually, the leather is hand-stitched and the surface can be smooth or capitonné, the latter having a classic and elegant allure. Nabuk, a fine-grained cowhide, is among the most commonly used types of leather for modern beds. Furthermore, it is good to know that a bed with leather upholstery is ideal for people allergic to dust mites.

For modern beds with leather upholstery, we recommend: BOLZAN LETTI - BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - TONIN CASA

  • Faux leather beds: opting for a faux leather bed cover means choosing a durable and natural material that has been processed using treatments with reduced environmental impact. From an aesthetic point of view, faux leather has a more uniform appearance than real leather.

For modern beds with faux leather upholstery, we recommend: BONALDO - CANTORI - CATTELAN ITALIA - FELIS - TOMASUCCI - TONIN

Modern design beds

Sleeping well is certainly the main reason why we buy one bed over another, but the aesthetic aspect certainly wants its part, which is why we have selected for you the best modern and design beds on the Italian scene, offering you the utmost in aesthetics and functionality.

From modern double beds made of natural wood bed frames to sumptuous four-poster beds with ornamental details, a vast and assorted commercial proposal supported by ergonomic supports, orthopaedic bed bases and wooden slats, memory foam mattresses, sprung mattresses, accessories and complements.

Single bed sizes: standard, king size, reduced, guide and tips

Paying attention to the size of the bed is one of the main aspects to take into consideration, as the double bed also boasts the possibility of different sizes.

The size of the mattress is vital for proper rest, especially if it is too small it may not provide the correct comfort with consequences for the back and cervical spine.

Who invented the bed?

From Sir James Paget's first mattress to Heinrich Westphal's evolutions, discover the evolution of the bed.

The history of the bed, from the first sleeping systems used in ancient Egypt to those of the Greek and Roman eras, the birth of the first spring mattress and the water mattress, evolution of the bed up to modern times. Read more >>

How to position the bed in relation to the window or door?

Many design magazines suggest placing the bed with the headboard facing below the window, this solution certainly offers a pleasant scenic impact but does not take into account the feeling transmitted to the person.

The bedroom is the place in the home where we should feel safest, most protected and pampered, allowing for a healthy and rewarding rest that enables us to face the next day at our best.

Therefore, the orientation of the bed plays a key role in ensuring a good night's sleep and should by no means be underestimated, especially the position with respect to the door and the window.

How to clean under the container bed?

How to clean under the container bed? this is one of the main questions our customers ask.

In fact, for this type of bed, cleaning underneath the box is really difficult and challenging to carry out, this problem is mainly due to the box structure underneath the bed base and mattress.

The container bed is filled with sheets, pillows, clothes and whenever we need to clean the floor underneath we are forced to empty the box and lift the panels.

However, there are alternative solutions that can come to our aid to facilitate ordinary and extraordinary cleaning.

Sommier bed, what is it?

What does sommier mean? How big is it? What models exist?

Meaning sommier bed: single, double or full-size bed without headboard, with a minimalist design bed frame without footboard, perfect for informal, modern-style bedrooms.

The sommier bed is available in all sizes: 160 x 190 cm,90 x 180 cm, 140 x 190 cm, 160 x 200 cm, in standard double bed, King Size, French bed or single bed versions. The bed frame is finished on all 4 sides and allows it to be easily positioned anywhere in the room, even in the centre.

The sommier bed is the definition given to all those beds consisting of a bed base, bed frame and mattress, space-saving beds with a minimalist design that are comfortable and functional.

French double bed, what is it?

Cheaper, lighter, smaller than a traditional standard double bed, suitable for people who like to sleep comfortably or for couples with limited bedroom space.

The French double bed is a particular type of double mattress that was and still is used in French homes, also known as the 'Antico Napoletano' bed, while in France it is called 'Grand lit'.

In addition, sommier beds are also available in versions with side risers, a second pull-out bedstead, pull-out drawers and storage boxes - exclusive and original models, perfect for any furnishing style.

On our e-commerce you can buy sommier beds designed in Italy, a selection of the best brands: Bolzan Letti, Bonaldo Arredamenti, Cantori Letti, Cattelan Italia, Dèsireè sofas, Driade Mobili, Famar Materassi, Felis Mobili, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasuci, Tonic Casa and many others.

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