Modern sleeping area: modern beds, spring mattresses and memory mattresses

The modern sleeping area is the place of our greatest rest and when we decide to furnish it, we must do it in a perfectly balanced way in terms of colours and furnishings. Light and warm colours are the secret of a restful and serene bedroom, in which to retreat after a long day of work. The choice of modern beds, sleeping cabinets and mattresses is very important so that the night's rest is as peaceful as possible.

Modern beds are the first thing we think about when we decide to furnish the modern sleeping area: today the market meets all customer needs, with large modern beds, design beds with architectural headboards, or extremely practical and functional. Even what you can't see is offered in a myriad of choices: the mattress, despite being an invisible element of the bedroom, can be a spring, pocket spring or memory mattress, as long as it is of high quality and chosen with criterion. Modern beds can be:

- Single beds: it is the bed for one person only, usually used in bedrooms or guest rooms. It takes up little space and it is perfect for small bedrooms, in which even two can be inserted.

- Double beds: the king of the modern sleeping area is definitely the double bed, the protagonist of the master bedrooms for centuries. The double bed can be of different sizes, but it can always accommodate only two people.

- Storage beds: it is the multitasking bed par excellence as it is possible to have a comfortable bed and an additional storage compartment at the same time, perhaps to store bed linen without clogging up other furniture.

- Fixed beds: this is the name of those beds that do not have mattress lifting mechanisms or other types of devices. Fixed beds are also very practical bunk beds, very useful for the children's room or in the holiday home. Fixed beds can be single or double.

- Queen-size beds: modern queen-size beds are increasingly common in the modern Italian sleeping area, especially for decorating children's bedrooms. Indeed, more and more young people prefer the queen-size bed instead of the single, obviously because it is bigger.


Not only does the bed enjoy its own environment: in the modern sleeping area we find night containers, a category of furnishings that includes bedside tables, dressers and drawers. The bedside table is that low cabinet located next to the bed, whose shapes and uses are extremely varied, while the chest of drawers keeps clothes, accessories and linen thanks to its many drawers. Finally, another night container is the dresser, of different sizes, but surely the depth must not be less than 50 cm so that each drawer is spacious enough.

Modern beds and sleeping cabinets are not enough to furnish a modern sleeping area. The bedroom can only be called a resting place if it has a high quality double bed. On the market there are different varieties of mattresses, each of which is characterized by different and peculiar qualities. Modern mattresses can be divided into three groups:

- Spring mattresses: it is the most traditional mattress but also, probably, the most loved. This model consists of springs for which ventilation is ensured, especially during hot months. The spring mattress is also recommended for overweight people, as the springs prevent any deformation.

- Pocket spring mattresses: this pocket spring mattress differs from the previous one because each spring has an external casing that protects it from the others, without the deformation of one affecting the ones next to it. There are double or single mattresses with pocket springs from 700, 1000, 3000 up to 10000 springs, for absolute comfort.

- Memory foam mattresses: light to carry, perfect for people with cold or for those who live in mountainous areas, the memory mattress adapts very well to the body, maintaining muscle relaxation and spinal rest.

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