Design coat rack: floor and wall models for the entrance

The design coat rack is a piece of furniture that many have underestimated but it has always been used to fulfill a very important practical function. Nowadays, large companies in the furniture sector have created modern hangers that represent the avant-garde of Made in Italy interior design. This is also due to the fact that today's homes are getting smaller and smaller and space-saving ideas are a necessary solution. The coat hanger, or coat rack, is an element thanks to which we can, in a small space, arrange coats and accessories such as coats, jackets, bags, hats or scarves. Even if its ideal environment is the entrance to the house, the design coat rack can also be placed in the bedroom, in the children's room or in the hallway, to ensure that order reigns. Then there are particular design models, similar to works of art that manage to bring style and personality to your home.

Types of design coat racks

Like most of the furnishings and accessories, even the design coat racks are on the market in all shapes and sizes, just to adapt them to different spaces in terms of extension and type. The usefulness of the coat rack is remarkable, as it is the possibility of adapting it to all environments. Therefore, on the market there is a wide choice of types of design hangers from which to choose the one that suits your needs.

Coat rack: the first type of hall hanger is the floor one, usually positioned at the entrance or in a corner of the living room. They usually have a support base that allows for a lot of stability, while at the top they have arms capable of supporting the weight of several coats or jackets. If until some time ago it was only made of wood, today the design coat stand is also manufactured with innovative materials such as polyethylene or other plastic materials.



Wall coat rack: another very common type is the wall coat rack, which considerably limits the size and it is therefore the space-saving solution par excellence. Indeed, it can be positioned without too much difficulty behind the entrance door or behind the bedroom door. Obviously, it is always better to have at least 2-3 wall hangers, so as to be sure to collect a greater number of clothes.

For the design wall coat racks, we recommend: CATTELAN ITALIA - PEZZANI - SLIDE - TONELLI DESIGN - TONIN CASA


Luminous coat rack: the luminous design coat racks performs two very useful functions, namely to support clothing and illuminate the space like the most classic of floor lamps. Generally this type of hanger is made of polyethylene, in such a way that it can be light and suitable for hosting a light source.

For luminous coat racks, we recommend: BONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA - TONIN CASA


Bedroom coat rack: it has nothing to do with the floor or wall coat rack, indeed it would be more appropriate to call it a valet or valet stand. It is a type of hanger that allows you to properly hang delicate garments such as shirts and ties, especially if just ironed, or classic men's trousers so that they do not crease.

For bedroom coat racks, we recommend: CATTELAN - FIAM - PEZZANI

Design coat racks materials

The most popular materials for entrance coat racks are many, starting with wood, especially beech, or metal or steel, solid and durable for a long time, and finally plastics, a guarantee of design and resistance. The most important aspect is undoubtedly the quality of the materials: all materials can be of high or low quality, so it is necessary to rely on recognized brands and Made in Italy. The furnishings of the Italian design brands are a guarantee of high quality in all stages of production, from the choice of raw materials to assembly.

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