Désirée is a well-known Italian company that, since 1968, has been manufacturing sofas, beds, armchairs, but also poufs and carpets following the philosophy of Home soft Home, that is the tendency to make the home environment more and more welcoming and comfortable. But not only that, in addition to comfort, it also aims to create products with a refined design and a high aesthetic value. In fact, internationally renowned designers work together to create furnishing accessories that combine functionality and aesthetics.
Sofas, beds and armchairs are 100% Made in Italy products and are treated in every single phase of production, from the search for raw materials to the cutting of the upholstery, to the sewing, up to the time of packaging, the qualified staff carries out strict checks to obtain quality products.
Désirée products are distinguished mainly by the following characteristics:

  • softness (ability to support and distribute the weight of the body comfortably)
  • breathability (ability to disperse heat and humidity of the human body)
  • reliability (long-lasting materials)
  • sustainability (natural and environmentally friendly raw materials processed in respect of the environment).

Furthermore, Désirée is the first brand in the upholstery sector that uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a sort of “talking” textile label. Specifically, if you bring your smartphone close to the label, a web page opens containing information on the model in question (finishes, upholstery, maintenance, assembly, removable covers, designers, etc. ...). This label also guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.

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Design and modern sofas, discover the Hab, Ludwig and Zenit sofa

Désirée sofas stand out for the refinement of the design and the comfort of the seat. They represent the ideal solution for furnishing the living area of your home in a modern and design style, but also to complete the furniture of the relaxation area of an office. Wherever you decide to place it, the sofa is in fact the main element of the furniture that immediately catches the attention, which is why aesthetics are as important as comfort.
To meet different needs, Désirée offers various types of upholstery (fabrics and leathers) and models, such as two-seater, three-seater, corner and peninsula sofas.

Some examples of Désirée sofas are:

  • Hab
  • Ludwig
  • Zeit
  • Lacoon
  • Overplan

Modern armchairs in leather and fabric

As for the sofas, also in the case of the armchairs, we find a wide range of choice of coverings and models. The sophisticated design of these products allows you to give that touch of style to the environment where they are placed. The armchairs, in fact, in addition to granting a moment of relaxation, have the purpose of furnishing and creating a familiar and welcoming environment.
Aesthetic and functional aspect are therefore fundamental in choosing the model that best suits your needs.

Among the various Désirée proposals we find:

  • Nest Soft
  • Cocò
  • Kel
  • Tuliss
  • Shellon

Upholstered design beds

The fusion of refinement and comfort is an aspect that we also find in the Désirée beds. The possibility to choose between numerous colors and coatings allows to satisfy the most disparate requests. In fact, the choice of bed, in addition to the size and model, depends above all on the furnishings of the surrounding room, so it is essential to choose the most appropriate model since the bed is the undisputed protagonist of the bedroom.

Désirée, to facilitate the choice, makes different beds in leather, fabric, double and single and a half, such as:

  • Ludwig
  • Dedalo
  • Ozium
  • Vanity

Furnishing accessories: coffee tables, bookcases, poufs and carpets

To complete the furnishing of a home, of course, other furnishing accessories are also needed and, in this regard, Désirée has also decided to create products such as coffee tables, bookcasespouf and carpets. Also in this case, the basis of the creation of the products is a careful search for raw materials, sustainable processing and a refined and elegant design.

Among the various furnishing accessories, we mention:

  • Arlon coffee table
  • Easy pouf
  • Image bookcase
  • Milos pouf.

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