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Very high quality, resistance and strictly Made in Italy raw materials: with Infiniti the guarantee of a product of excellence

Infiniti has always made use of Italian raw materials, to guarantee products of the highest quality and resistance such as bookcases, chairs and stools.

Infiniti's Made in Italy production is synonymous with quality and control in every single step of the production process, but also with a real lifestyle, in which creativity and excellence are at the service of infinite expressive possibilities. In a modern furniture, infiniti design is a perfect example of balance between refinement of shapes, refinement of lines, all made with bright colors.
Upholstered chairs, polypropylene chair, stackable chair with armrests, swivel chair, drop chair, Infiniti stool, polycarbonate chair perfect for both an office environment, for waiting rooms for example, in a contemporary style or for the home. The Infiniti chair can be combined with various types of tables: stackable table, extendable tables, square table, fixed tables with steel or classic wooden legs.
The Infiniti chairs all have a comfortable and perfect seat height for anyone who decides to sit down and enjoy a few moments of relaxation. Wooden chairs with wooden legs, painted steel or chromed steel chairs, chair with armrests are all the possibilities you will find on our online store.
The Infiniti brand is characterized by a modern design, all the furnishing accessories are in fact designed to embellish every corner of the house with originality and beauty. The Infiniti design is designed for those who want to have a unique piece of furniture, typically made in Italy, at home. Choose your perfect Infiniti swivel chair, stackable chair, monobloc chair or stool for you.
A beautiful Infiniti chair can be perfectly combined with beautiful sofa beds, a frau armchair, in wood or made of plastic materials for more informal furnishings.
For more information, visit our website and choose from the Infiniti chair you prefer, ideal to combine with a fixed table with steel legs or wooden legs, characterized by a modern and avant-garde design. Sleeping area or bathroom furniture, living room or office, the Infiniti brand is what you are looking for if you want to give a touch of innovation to your style. In the Infiniti world, all Italian, the aim is to offer products that are always at the forefront, without forgetting style and technique, but carefully responding to the needs expressed by customers.

Inifiniti Official online retailers

Arredare Moderno is an official online retailer Infiniti, on our website you will find: single and double beds, sofa beds, armchairs, corner and classic sofas, modern tables and chairs, garden furniture, true Italian design directly online and in shop, thanks to the partnership with the well-known Italian brand we are able to offer our customers Outlet prices and unmissable promotions.

A retailer or manufacturer authorized to sell directly to the consumer with the ability to apply discounts and promotions up to 30% - 45% of the initial price.


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