The bar cabinet: the extra furniture for a top living room

The bar cabinet is one of those fascinating furnishings that we all dream of having in our home. The bar cabinet entered the collective imagination thanks above all to Hollywood films from the 60s and 70s, in which often rich businessmen could be seen sipping whiskey or brandy comfortably on the sofa. Almost always, there was a bar cabinet next to it, equipped with fine bottles and crystal glasses. Today this furniture is quite common in homes and it still retains that particular charm of the past. It can be placed next to sofas and armchairs, or a little more located, in a well-lit corner.

Typology of modern bar cabinet

The bar cabinet can boast many shapes and sizes, thus giving way to be able to choose the most comfortable and aesthetically coherent model with the living room. However, there are models of modern bar cabinet that reproduce in a reduced form the counter of a bar, both in design and in comfort. This type of bar cabinet is perfect in our living room, especially if we are used to sharing moments of relax with our friends, sipping a cocktail or a good glass of wine. Or, these bar cabinet can be used in public environments, such as shops or beauty centers, in order to offer customers a moment of pleasure during events or celebrations.

Materials for modern bar cabinets

The materials most used in the production of bar cabinet are usually used in a combined way. Those most used and best suited to this type of furniture are wood, steel, glass, PVC and MDF. Among these, the most unusual materials are the last two: PVC, or polyvinylchloride, a highly versatile polymer and among the most used plastics in the world. MDF, on the other hand, has a natural origin, despite undergoing numerous treatments: indeed, it is made with wood fibers, pressed and joined with glue at high temperatures. In this way, the resulting material is very resistant and it can be used to make furniture, including bar cabinets. Surely MDF does not have the same precious qualities of wood, but it represents a decidedly ecological choice for those who want to have an eye towards nature.

For modern bar cabinet, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN – TOMASUCCI – TONELLI DESIGN

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