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Zamagna Italia is an important company that has been operating in the furnishing sector for over sixty years.
The success of its products is the combination of: quality of raw materials, refined design and attention to detail to create unique products.

If you are looking for unique, high quality design furniture, discover the Italian brand Zamagna. With years of experience in furniture production, it has established itself as a trusted brand among consumers looking for quality and style.

Zamagna's products are made using only the best materials, ensuring that each piece lasts a long time and integrates perfectly into your home or office. Not only are their products beautiful, but also functional and comfortable. The company always puts comfort and practicality first, without ever compromising on style. Take a look at the wide selection of Modern Furniture today and see how their design and quality can enhance your space and meet your needs.

In Zamagna's extensive production we find above all modern and designer tables, chairs, stools and console tables to best meet different furnishing requirements.

The best products from the Zamagna Italia Catalogue on Arredare Moderno

Zamagna Italia Tables: Diamond, Twist and Coast

  • Among Zamagna's most popular tables is the Diamond model, a very versatile table with a high degree of customisation thanks to the possibility of combining numerous top and frame finishes. It comes in both fixed and extendable versions, has metal legs and the top is available in various ceramic, glass, laminate or melamine finishes.
  • The Twist table is also a highlight in the Zamagna production. It is available in both fixed and extendable versions and with the option of a ceramic, wooden or glass top. Therefore easily adaptable to different types of furniture.
  • Coast is a design table that immediately catches the eye. Not only the availability of numerous finishes but also the different shapes in which it can be chosen.
     The elegance of the lines lends class and style to the table and the entire surrounding environment.
  • Ypsilon table: a table with essential lines, characterised by the Y shape of the legs. Available in different sizes and finishes, the Ypsilon table fits perfectly into any environment, from the home space to the office.
  • Shangai table: a table with an innovative design, characterised by asymmetrical legs and the oval shape of the top. Made of solid wood, the Shangai table is available in different finishes and dimensions.
  • Quadra table: a rectangular table with clean, rigorous lines. The Quadra table is made of solid walnut or oak and fits perfectly in any environment, from the home space to the office.

Zamagna Italia Modern Chairs: Step, Branch and Bally

The company offers a wide selection of chairs with innovative design and high quality, perfect for any environment, from the home to the workplace. Here are some of the most important models:

  • One of Zamagna's various proposals is the Step chair, a monocoque made entirely of polypropylene in different colours to brighten up any environment. Designed especially for modern and design environments. Discover it online!
  • Branch is a chair with elegant lines perfect for stylishly furnishing living and dining rooms and making the kitchen modern. It is made with metal legs and a shell upholstered in various types of fabric and faux leather; each upholstery in turn is available in numerous colours so that it can be easily matched to a variety of furnishing styles.
  • Another elegant and refined chair model is Bally with a wooden frame and Vintage Soft Touch fabric upholstery, which is soft to the touch and sophisticated to the eye.
  • Zoe chair: an elegant and versatile chair, available in different finishes and colours. The Zoe chair has a solid wood frame and an upholstered seat covered in fabric or leather to ensure comfort and durability.
  • Blade chair: a chair with a minimalist and contemporary design, characterised by a metal frame and a polypropylene seat. The Blade chair is available in different finishes and colours, and fits perfectly into any modern environment.
  • Lea Chair: a classic and refined chair, perfect for elegant and sophisticated environments. The Lea chair has a solid wood frame and an upholstered seat and backrest, covered in fabric or leather.
  • Retro Chair: a chair with a vintage and retro style, characterised by a metal frame and a curved wooden seat and back. The Retro chair is available in different finishes and colours, and fits perfectly in any vintage-style environment.
  • Smart chair: an ergonomically designed and functional chair, perfect for the office or home. The Smart chair has a metal frame and a polypropylene seat and back, available in different finishes and colours.

These are just some of the chair models available in our online shop. Each chair is designed to meet your needs for style and comfort, using only the best materials and technology to ensure quality and durability.

Zamagna also makes stools in a modern style and in different upholstery to match the surrounding furnishings. Examples include the Gently and Kids models.

Zamagna fixed and extendable console tables: Drill, Joker and Level

Zamagna produces functional consoles that can become extendable tables if required. Thanks to the possibility of choosing between different combinations of materials and finishes, it is possible to enrich interior design projects in the living area. All extendable consoles feature an aluminium telescopic rail and central extension stand with castors.

  • Drill is an extendable console table with a lacquered metal frame and melamine top in various colours.
  • Joker is another model from the Zamagna collection things in metal and a melamine top; it also comes with an extension bag.
  • Another example of a Zamagna console table is the Level console table. Here, too, there are different metal finishes for the base and top to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Zamagna Company History

The Zamagna company was founded in 1954 in Forlì, Italy, by Luigi Zamagna, an entrepreneur dedicated to the production of wooden chairs. Over the years, the company expanded its product range, also introducing tables, armchairs and other furniture for the home and office.

In the 1970s, the company began collaborating with internationally renowned designers, such as Vico Magistretti, Marco Zanuso and Gae Aulenti, to create innovative products that stood out for their unique and refined design.

During the 1990s, the company continued to grow and invested in advanced technology for the production of high-quality furniture. In 1998, it obtained ISO 9001 certification, confirming its commitment to quality and excellence.

Today, Zamagna is an internationally renowned brand that produces high-quality, innovatively designed home and office furniture. The company has a strong presence in Europe and the United States, and continues to collaborate with world-renowned designers to create unique and functional products. With its long history and commitment to quality and innovation, Zamagna is one of the most renowned brands in the designer furniture industry.

Innovative design and luxury furniture

A designer furniture company that stands out for the quality and originality of its products. Design is at the heart of everything the company does, and each product is designed to meet the customer's needs in terms of aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

The furniture is made using only the best materials, which guarantee strength and durability. Solid wood, for example, is one of the most commonly used materials for the production of chairs, tables and armchairs, and is carefully worked to achieve a smooth and even surface.

The company has a wide range of products, including chairs, armchairs, tables, stools and office furniture. Each product features a unique and innovative design, making it perfect for any environment, from the home space to the workplace.

Zamagna collaborates with world-renowned designers to create its products, including Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere, Patrick Norguet and Fabio Novembre. Thanks to these collaborations, the company has created a wide range of products with innovative and surprising designs that stand out for their functionality and style.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Zamagna is a company committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company constantly strives to reduce the environmental impact of its business by adopting sustainable production practices and using environmentally friendly materials.

Over time, it has obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, which guarantees that the wood used in the production of its furniture comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition, the company uses recyclable materials and adopts recycling practices to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

In addition to environmental sustainability, the Italian company is also committed to corporate social responsibility. It cares about the well-being of its employees and promotes an inclusive and respectful working environment. In addition, the company actively supports the local community through charitable projects and partnerships with non-profit organisations.

Zamagna is a company that proves that it is possible to combine economic success with sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Thanks to its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, consumers can buy the brand's products with the certainty that they are made in a sustainable way and that the company cares about the well-being of people and the environment.

Customer reviews of Zamagna products on Arredare Moderno

Customer reviews of Zamagna products in Modern Furnishing are generally very positive. Many customers appreciate the attention to design and the quality of the materials used in production. In particular, they praise the attention to detail and the impeccable finish of the furniture, which guarantee a long service life and a comfortable user experience.

Customers have also praised the wide selection of products offered on our e-commerce site thanks to the long-lasting partnership with the Italian brand, which covers a wide range of styles and functions. From office chairs to tables for the home, Zamagna products are designed to meet the needs of every customer.

Many customers also appreciated the customer service offered by Arredare Moderno, which proved to be helpful and attentive to customers' needs. If there were any problems or questions, our support team was ready to provide assistance and solve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Within each product sheet, verified reviews of customers who have made a purchase in our shop are visible, correlated by rating stars, date and text of the review.

 Tips for furnishing your home in style with Zamagna products

Furnishing a room with Zamagna products means being able to count on a wide selection of high quality and innovative design furniture. Here are some tips for furnishing any room with style and elegance:

  1. Choosing the right table: the table is often the centrepiece of a room, be it a dining room, study or office. Zamagna offers a wide selection of tables in different shapes, sizes and materials. Choose the table that best suits the space available and your personal style.
  2. Match the right chairs: Chairs are available in different finishes and colours, allowing you to match the seat to the table harmoniously. Choose design chairs that go well with the table to create an elegant and refined ambience.
  3. Choose functional and versatile furniture: Italian brand furniture is often characterised by intelligent and functional designs, designed to adapt to different user needs. Choose versatile furniture such as bookcases, shelves and storage units to maximise the space available and make the room more functional.
  4. Take advantage of natural light: many Zamagna furniture pieces feature a light, transparent design that allows light to filter in naturally. Take advantage of natural light to illuminate the room and enhance the Zamagna furniture.
  5. Personalise with accessories: accessories such as lamps, carpets and curtains can help create a cosy and personalised ambience. Choose accessories that match the design of Zamagna furniture to create a harmonious and refined ambience.

By following these tips, you can create an elegant and functional environment.

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