Relax armchair: Comfort in the living room

The relax armchair is the type of chair that guarantees maximum comfort and rest. Indeed, the relax armchair is structured in such a way as to be comfortable even for those who have motor problems and, more generally, for elderly people. Usually, this type of armchair is associated with people who are older with age, but it can be said that having a relax armchair at home means having a considerable comfort. This is because using a relax armchair in the living room, an electric reclining armchair and electric recliner chair, improves blood circulation, significantly reduces daily stress, prevents muscle fatigue, as well as alleviating problems deriving from taking on incorrect postures during the work day.

Relax armchair: Requirements to consider

Not just comfort. The relax armchair is also an elegant piece of furniture, which perfectly fits into modern living rooms thanks to sinuous and clean lines, as well as materials with a modern texture such as leather, eco-leather and fabric. But what should be considered before buying a relax armchair for the living room?

- THE AVAILABLE SPACE: first of all, we need to consider the space in which our relax armchair must be inserted. Indeed, a relax armchair, electric reclining armchair and electric recliner chair, can occupy up to two square meters of space, therefore it is necessary to make spatial assessments before purchasing one.

- LIVING STYLE: secondly, it is necessary to decide whether to create continuity with the living room in stylistic terms or to introduce a relax armchair to create contrasts with the rest of the space.

- TESTING THE RELAX ARMCHAIR IN PERSON: another fundamental, but not obvious, tip is to try out a relax armchair firsthand because only by examining it, you can understand if this is really suitable for your needs or those of a loved one.

- THE USE THAT IS MADE OF IT: moreover, one should not overlook the use that is made of a relax armchair because only the buyer can know what his lifestyle is. For example, if you do a job for which you are standing for many hours, perhaps without moving, then you will need an electric reclining armchair with a foot lift, while if you are elderly, it is better to opt for an electric recliner chair.

- EASY TO TRANSPORT: the most suitable home environment for a relax armchair is the living room, but in reality this furniture can be placed anywhere. For this reason, the ease of transporting a relax armchair from one room to another in the house according to your needs is fundamental.

Types of relax armchairs

On the market there are relax armchairs of different types, that is, models dissimilar from each other, designed to meet different needs. The functioning of a relax armchair is the factor that allows you to differentiate one from the other: they are manual, automatic and electric.

MANUAL RELAX ARMCHAIRS: this is the most economically advantageous relax armchair as it does not have electrical functions. In any case, we always speak of relax armchairs with reclining backrest or footrest function and, for the latter, activation is carried out by simply pressing with the legs.

ELECTRIC RELAX ARMCHAIRS: the most advanced type, extremely useful for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, as it has a remote control which activates the lift, which greatly facilitates movements.

What materials to choose?

As with any furniture, the careful choice of materials is fundamental, both as regards the style you want to recreate and for the quality of the same, which must be excellent. In a relax armchair of any type, the quality of the upholstery and padding absolutely determines the comfort of the seat, its durability, as well as the aesthetics of the armchair.

For this reason, it is recommended to opt as much as possible for a removable fabric, which can be washed comfortably at home, in order to have a relax armchair always clean and ready for use. It is known that sofas and armchairs are used every day and within a short time, they tend to darken, especially if they are light in colour. In addition, they represent a den of germs and bacteria, so it is preferable to choose cotton or linen fabrics if you need to maintain a high level of cleanliness. In addition to the fabrics, the relax armchairs for the living room are made of real leather or eco-leather. The first is soft, but very delicate, so much so that it fears water and liquids in general; the eco-leather, on the other hand, is slightly harder to the touch, but much more resistant and easy to clean. All you need is a dampened deerskin cloth and you're done.

For fabric relax armchairs, we recommend: BONALDO

For relax armchairs in leather or eco-leather, we recommend: STONES - TOMASUCCI

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