The modern and design desk: features and materials

The modern desk for office or children's room

Depending on the space we have to decorate, we can choose from a large variety of modern and design desks. This furniture can be placed in the home office, a workspace dedicated to your business, in the boys' room or, if you have a large living area, we can obtain an integrated, equally functional study corner. Before attempting the perfect desk, however, several factors must be considered, each of which must be properly evaluated. First of all, the sizes of the room in question, or how much space we can consider for the modern desk, also considering the space that will be needed to accommodate other office furniture such as the bookcase. Secondly, the style of the room, so if we prefer to remain consistent with the aesthetics of the space then we will have to choose a modern desk of the most classic, while if we want to catch the eye then the most suitable solution is to opt for a design desk. The choice therefore depends on our preferences, the available space and the style of the room.

Types of modern desks

Modern desks are not all the same, differing in the use you make of them in the office or in the bedroom. What characterizes them are the essential lines, the wide work surface, which allows you to place documents, packages, PCs, books and everything you need to work or study.

- Modern study or office desk: this type of modern desk must be very carefully chosen. Indeed, we generally spend many hours of our days in the office or study, so it is essential that the desk is of the right height and that it has all the comforts. It is equipped with drawers or shelves and a large work surface to accommodate the computer and printer.

For modern study or office desks, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - FIAM - TOMASUCCI - TONELLI DESIGN

- Modern bedroom desk: the modern bedroom desk is usually very similar to the office desk. The difference lies in the reduced number of drawers or shelves and in the sizes. This type of desk is indeed chosen for children's room, who use it for studying and therefore it is often combined with a bookcase.

For modern bedroom desks, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - DRIADE - PEZZANI

- Design desk: when functionality and creativity meet then the design desk is born, a furniture that is not limited to being practical for studying or working, but it also performs a purely aesthetic function. These desks are suitable for executive spaces, when aesthetics have a greater weight than practical criteria.

For design desks, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA – FIAM – TONELLI DESIGN

- Writing desk: at one time there was no desk in the modern sense of the term, but there was a writing desk. This furniture could be of different types: covered desks with shelves and drawers with a closed and curved shape or open ones, the latter very similar to modern desks. Desks are also widespread today, preferred over writing desks when the room is small or when the use made of them is limited.

For desks, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI – CATTELAN – TOMASUCCI – TONIN CASA

The most used materials for modern desks

If in the past wood was the only material with which the desks were made, today it is no longer so because you can find modern or design desks in tempered glass or by combining the aforementioned materials with metal.

- WWooden desks: the most classic of the furnishing materials, as well as the most loved, is used to create modern desks that can adapt to a wide variety of interior styles. One of the peculiarities of high quality wooden desks is that its structure is composed of a single body, a characteristic that gives stability and solidity. The essences chosen for the wooden desks are teak or walnut, but there are cheaper models made of oak or ash wood. An important aspect is cleaning. Wood, even more so if we talk about quality variants, should be treated with specific, non-aggressive products, based on beeswax.

For wooden desks, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA – TOMASUCCI – TONIN CASA

- Glass desks: the glass desks are the most loved by those who want to convey professionalism and aesthetic preference. Indeed, these are preferred by managers and directors to communicate strength and dynamism. Glass, as well as crystal, are cold materials and need daily cleaning to maintain shine and transparency.

For glass desks, we recommend the brands: FIAM – PEZZANI – TONELLI DESIGN 

- Modern desks with metal structure and wooden or glass top: these desks make the combination of materials their aesthetic strong point. In the case of metal structure and wooden top, the contrast between the cold metal (which can be steel, steel sheet etc.) and the heat transmitted by the wood, creates amiable contrasts, capable of satisfying all style needs. With another effect, the desks with metal structure and glass top remain on a more contemporary style, but in the same way they can be chosen to balance darker rooms.

For modern metal and wood desks, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – BONTEMPI – CATTELAN ITALIA – DRIADE – TONIN CASA

For modern metal and glass desks, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA – TOMASUCCI

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