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ALTACOM ITALIA: Tables - Transformables Coffee table - Consoles

Altacom Italia is a company specialized in the furnishing field active since the late 1980s. What distinguishes the Venetian company is the particular attention it pays to living spaces. Indeed, this is reflected in the entire collection of Altacom Italia furnishing accessories that are suitable to being placed in any domestic setting, optimizing spaces.


All products are carefully designed and manufactured in order to be placed even in restricted residential spaces. In this regard, we can mention the collection of extendable coffee tables that become, if necessary, comfortable dining tables and that are designed for a varied clientele with different furnishing needs with different space availability. The focal point of Altacom Italia production is the constant evolution, the attention paid to the public and to all the various furnishing needs, the development of a design that is functional and ergonomic and that does not exclusively have an aesthetic function but also and above all the purpose of guaranteeing maximum comfort. Everything is studied in detail, starting from the materials to get to the shapes and finishes with the aim of creating products that are unique.


The vast collection signed by Altacom Italia, in addition to incorporating the coffee tables that can be transformed into dining tables that represent its flagship, also includes tables, consoles, chairs, stools that are designed to complete the living area and to be perfectly coordinated with tables and coffee tables. Among the most innovative products in the collection we find:
• Carronde coffee table, which stands out from the others since it is extendable but in width;
• Ares Mega coffee table that represents the emblem of the “transformable”, with a height-adjustable structure and a gas mechanism top;
• Tavoletto coffee table that, as the name suggests, can be turned into a dining table or a comfortable bed;
• Sakura coffee table, which draws its inspiration from the cherry blossom, echoing its beauty and refinement. Equipped with a top that doubles in width while maintaining functionality and aesthetic beauty.

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