Modern entrance furniture: design solutions for your home

Entrance furniture: furnishings that present the style of our home

The entrance to the house, like all the other rooms, deserves to be designed down to the smallest details, from the colours of the walls to the lighting, passing through any furnishing accessories. The latter give colour and help change the perception of space for the better, as happens with mirrors. It is easy to understand how the entrance to the house can be considered a real business card, or the first impact that the guest has on our home, so it is essential that it best represents its style. For this reason there are many entrance furniture adaptable to different styles and equally different spaces in terms of size: a modern or design entrance furniture is fundamental from an aesthetic and functional point of view because it allows us to store car keys for example or, if possible, to hang the overcoat or hat once you get home.

Types of entrance furniture

Based on factors such as habits and size of the space, there are different types of entrance furniture, each characterized by different functions. But it is not just a matter of meters and function: an entrance furniture can be embellished with various furnishing accessories, from vases to lamps, paintings or mirrors.

- Console: most of the time when we talk about entrance furniture, we refer to the console. This furniture can also be placed in other spaces of the house such as corridors and hallways, even if its ideal location is right at the entrance of the house. The modern console usually presents itself with sober lines and it makes visual lightness its strong point: indeed, generally a modern entrance is not large, so a thin piece of furniture like the console helps not to weigh it down. By virtue of the small size of modern homes, an idea may be to complete the entrance furniture with a wall mirror, which will amplify the perception of the surrounding space and reflect light, making the entrance brighter.

- Suspended console: suspended consoles are an even more useful type of entrance furniture if the space in question is cramped. Modern suspended entrance furniture offers a valid solution to furnish this room with style and, at the same time, to make it practical. As with the more classic consoles, even the suspended ones adapt to many furnishing styles because they are designed to have a soft impact on space.

- Entrance furniture with coat rack: this is another type of entrance furniture, especially designed to be practical. It usually consists of a mirror, a small shelf, any drawers and hangers. All in very little space. Obviously, we should not expect a piece of furniture that can accommodate more than 2-3 coats, otherwise it would overload itself compromising its stability.

Entrance furniture materials

As with other home furnishings, it is possible to choose entrance furniture made of solid wood. This material has an undisputed charm, as well as qualities such as strength and durability. Another material widely used for entrance furniture is MDF. The name derives from an English acronym which means medium density fiber panels. These are obtained by processing wood fibers, usually conifers, fine and uniform, pressed and joined by heat and special resins. MDF is a valid alternative to solid wood, both because it allows you to save economically and in terms of safeguarding forests.

For the entrance furniture, we recommend the brands: LA PRIMAVERA – PEZZANI – TONELLI DESIGN

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