Hydromassage hot tubs: a dream comes true

Many people's dream, the hydromassage hot tubs represent an exclusive solution to take care of your body and contribute to psychophysical well-being. However, the whirlpools are not only this: they allow you to alternatively spend the warm summer evenings, especially if you have an outdoor hot tub. But what is the best place to place our hydromassage hot tub? Surely, it is essential that it is comfortable and functional in order to enjoy the best of our SPA hot tub. First of all, we need to understand if we want an outdoor or indoor hot tub, or better, if we want to use it only in summer to relax and organize parties with friends, or use it even during the cold season.

Beyond the positioning of our hydromassage hot tub, it is necessary to consider fundamental factors such as a correct electrical power supply, essential for operating the system itself and any optional equipment. But also the presence of a water system to fill the tank and the possibility of emptying it easily.

Hot tub types: available sizes and places

The hydromassage hot tubs have miraculous effects on our body: they are indeed able to tone the muscles, relax the mind and purify the skin from the toxins that we accumulate. All this is possible thanks to the combination of air and water, which comes out of the vents and exercises a massage more or less on the body. Our SPA hot tubs start from a minimum of two places to a maximum of six places.

- 2-seater hydromassage hot tubs: it is the smallest version of the spa hot tubs and for this reason it can be placed in small spaces, both outdoors and indoors, but also for accommodation facilities that offer an exclusive service to customers. The sizes of a hydromassage hot tub do not exceed 200x100x79 cm. In addition, our 2-seater SPA hot tubs have aluminum jets, hydromassage pump, recycling pump, LED lighting and other options, which guarantee total well-being.

- 3-seater hydromassage hot tubs: they are slightly larger than the two-seater ones, but not for this reason they cannot be placed in a bathroom large enough to accommodate it or on our terrace. Compared to the two-seater version, this outdoor or indoor hot tub has 33 jets, but it has the same options.

- 5 and 6-seater hot tubs: perfect for those who like to organize summer parties with friends, the 5 and 6-seater hot tubs offer pleasant moments in company, with the guarantee of a relaxing seat. These hot tubs offer optional extras such as the waterfall jet, beneficial for particular points on the body such as the shoulders. The sizes range from 215 x 215 x 93 cm for the five-seater version to 230 x 230 x 93 cm for the six-seater version. Usually, the latter also has a double hydromassage pump and a filling capacity that exceeds 1.5 m³.

Each typology of our SPA hot tubs has features included in the price such as the PVC ladder, essential to enter the pool and the isothermal cover to protect it from bad weather and sudden changes in temperature if the pool is placed outside.

Hot tubs materials

The best materials are selected for the production of the hydromassage hot tubs: one above all acrylic, a light, bright and unalterable colour material even after countless uses. Acrylic is also resistant to abrasions and scratches, which can be easily removed. The isothermal cover is standard and it is usually made of polyethylene. Certainly, the cover is vital if the whirlpool is located outside because it enormously limits the evaporation of water and it protects the structure from the winter cold.

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