Bar sofas and bar armchairs: modern furniture for indoor and outdoor public places

Bar sofas and bar armchairs for public places are displayed and used by an infinite number of people, in particular in bars, hotels, restaurants and discos. Consequently, the choice must be very carefully made. First of all, durability must be a factor that must not be at the expense of aesthetics and comfort. Even the practicality must not fail: indeed, very often bar sofas have the characteristic of being modular and therefore they can be placed next to each other. This is a feature thanks to which it is possible to create unique chromatic games and personalized combinations, choosing different colours for the seat and backrest. In general, bar sofas for indoor use should not be too high or too low, in many cases it would be better to avoid the presence of armrests which, at times, could be bulky, allowing a greater number of people to sit.

Types of bar sofas and bar armchairs

Basically, bar furnishings are distinguished according to their location, inside or outside a public place. This differentiation is a must due to the different materials that are necessarily used in the creation of this type of furniture. On the market there are:

- Indoor bar sofas and armchairs: these furnishings are characterized by a multitude of materials with which they are manufactured. Velvet, cotton, linen, jacquard fabrics, steel, aluminum, wood. In short, there is no limit to the materials that can be chosen for bar armchairs and sofas for indoors. However, it is important to always pay attention to the resistance of the materials as, given their strong use by customers, they may show signs of wear in the short term.

- Outdoor bar sofas and armchairs: a very different matter for outdoor bar furniture, which are inevitably forced to suffer the aggression of water, frost and violent UV rays. Rounded and minimal shapes characterize bar armchairs and sofas, as if to convey a sense of comfort and welcome. In most cases, outdoor bar sofas are modular, which means that they perfectly combine to create contiguous seats for several people. Each element of a modular sofa can be considered a full-fledged bar chair.

Materials for bar sofas and armchairs

As for the materials with which bar sofas and armchairs are made, they must meet the requirements of resistance, easy cleaning and aesthetics. Among the most common materials with which bar sofas are made, there is polypropylene, used to make designer bar furniture. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that has good thermal and abrasion resistance. Similar is polyethylene, perhaps the most common thermoplastic resin, used for a myriad of everyday objects. Its success is due to its excellent insulating properties and intrinsic versatility. Some of the bar sofas we offer have a plywood structure. This type of product is a semi-finished wood product, very stable, which preserves the initial conditions in the best possible way: it is used as it resists shocks very well and it is light, therefore ideal for furnishings intended for the public such as bar furniture.

The upholstery is an issue on which there is little to discuss: the upholstery must be easy to clean because hundreds of people sit on bar sofas and armchairs during the day, not to mention those places that are near railway stations. A perfect material is eco-leather, easy to clean with detergent and a damp cloth, resistant to rubbing and flame retardant. Avoid leather and delicate fabrics, such as silk, which are easily damaged.

For polypropylene bar sofas and armchairs, we recommend: NARDI

For plywood bar sofas and armchairs, we recommend: POUF DESIGN

For polyethylene bar sofas and armchairs, we recommend: SLIDE

For bar sofas covered in eco-leather, we recommend: POUF DESIGN

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