Picture Frames

Modern frames for pictures or paintings

Furnishing your home is a complicated but at the same time fun challenge; the choice of each accessory is certainly difficult but when we find ourselves in our home after months and months of research and installation work, the satisfaction is certainly great. The furnishing of a home is mainly made up of details, which can enrich the room and make it as unique and original as possible. Every detail has its importance in defining our style and personality, so even the frames we decide to place in our living room have a strong impact on aesthetics. Frames are very common elements in our homes, but they too can be of many types.


There are picture frames, which are usually very classic, and photo frames whose variety means that we can choose them in silver, wood, polyethylene and other materials. For photo frames, the models made of polyethylene are generally extremely lively modern frames because they are coloured with bright shades, therefore perfect for giving a touch of panache to minimalist living rooms or for children's bedrooms.

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