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Varier - Ergonomic and anatomic seats made in Norway

Recognized by the world for its seating, Varier perfectly integrates quality materials, design, comfort and practicality into unique products

Varier chairs: moving while seated

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Varier specializes in the production of unique and comfortable seating on the go. Known by over 40 countries around the world, Varier has thought of creating ergonomic and innovative solutions for adults and children.

Think for those who lead a sedentary life and for those who have physical problems resulting from it: back pain, neck and shoulder tension, headache. The basic goal of the company is to offer varier chairs that respect the natural tendency of the body and keep it in the correct posture, keeping the muscles active and less tense, improving breathing and blood circulation, increasing concentration and global well-being. Varier chairs Variable and Variable balans perfect for all those who prefer the comfort and health of their body.

Varier Variable chair, ergonomic, modern design

The best-known chair of the Varier manufacturer is undoubtedly Variable made by Peter Opsvik, made with a base in natural or black lacquered ash wood and a fabric seat, available in different colors. The seat can be equipped with the following elements:

Backrest with or without cushion

Protective felt for the use of the seat on particularly delicate floors Spacers to be mounted under the knee pads to reduce the support distance, for use by children and people of short stature.

Another interesting seat, which perfectly follows the concept of ergonomics, is Move stool characterized by an adjustable base, with 3 piston heights. Available in natural or black lacquered ash wood and fabric seat in different colors.

The seat can be equipped with a base with rubber protection. Varier has thought of three versions of the Move stool: The standard version for home and office

1. The version with a smaller seat, as a possible alternative to office chairs to maintain an active seat.

2. The mini version for children, ideal for the children's desk.

Stokker Varier chair, find out how to combine it

Among the economic ergonomic chairs, Varier chairs represent a valid alternative, such as Stokker Varier ergonomic chair where the value for money is absolutely unbeatable.

Choose from the chairs of the brand, those of the color you prefer such as the ergonomic chair stokke, ergonomic chair black wood 72x52x5, for a dynamic seat that does not strain the muscles.

Varier Balans chair, the best-selling in Europe

The original Balans chair with knee support, perfect for the desk, thanks to its innovative structure allows you to change the position at any time, with well-finished rocking sleds and soft knee-rest cushions.

Presented for the first time in Stockholm in 1979 at the Scandinavian Furniture exhibition, it is equipped with a particular structure that allows the posture with open shoulders, thanks to the rocking sleds it encourages movement during working hours, it is made of Forest Nap fabric by very high quality

Varier collections: Gravity, Thatsit, Ekstrem, Variable MC, Variable Plus, Move, Actulum

Varier chairs are based on the concept of "The Human Idea", that is the combination of design seats and body care and well-being, from this concept the ergonomic seats and relaxation armchairs are born, loved and seen all over the world since 2006.

Every single session arises from the need to help body movements and improve posture, thanks to scientific and advanced research in collaboration with professional firms, ergonomic chairs are produced that significantly improve the health and well-being of the client, especially in the lumbar and cervical spine.

All the chairs in the Varier collections are extremely customizable in the materials used for the upholstery, offering unique and original furnishing solutions.

Varier chairs, all the benefits of ergonomic chairs

When working or studying, sitting well is a fundamental aspect of physical well-being. This happens because today we spend many hours sitting and a correct posture greatly helps concentration and avoids annoying problems with our skeletal system.

Ergonomic chairs are born with the intention of providing a comfortable seat for a long time and Varier is one of the brands that best meets the requirements of comfort and functionality, read more >>

Modern and functional furniture for smartworking

If there is anything that has changed over the last year, it is work. The pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has in fact stimulated the spread of smartworking, or work from home, made more necessary than ever. In fact, more and more companies have begun to consider teleworking as a possible alternative to that on the premises, even when the pandemic is over.

But how to have a work area that can mimic the one in the office, especially in terms of comfort? Everything starts with modern furniture: desk, shelves and a suitably ergonomic chair must be prerogatives on which we must not compromise in terms of quality and materials. Having said that, we offer you a series of models of desk for smartworking, bookcase, lamp and modern chairs for smartworking that will make you think again about the concept of working from home, read more >>


Chair Move with wheels Varier

€486.54 -15% €413.56
Chair Move with wheels Varier  made with black plastic base. The seat is available in different types of fabric or leather....

Chair Ekstrem Balans Varier

€2,012.94 -15% €1,711.00
Ekstrem Balans Chair Varier   composed of two separate parts in steel covered with polyurethane foam, covered with wool...

Chair Date Balans Varier

€793.94 -15% €674.85
Date Balans Chair Varier  made with chromed or black painted metal legs and fabric or leather seat available in differents...

Chair Invite Balans Varier

€793.94 -15% €674.85
Invite Balans Chair Varier with satin legs  made with satin metal legs and fabric or leather seat available in differents...

Chair Invite Balans Varier

€793.94 -15% €674.85
Invite Balans Chair Varier  made with chromed or painted black metal legs and fabric or leather seat available in differents...

Chair Peel Club Balans Varier

€1,641.94 -15% €1,395.65
Peel Club Balans Chair Varier  made with cross base in aluminum and fabric or leather seat available in differents colours....

Footrest Peel Balans Varier

€740.94 -15% €629.80
Peel Balans Footrest Varier  made with metal cross base and the seat is available in fabric or leather in different...

Chair Peel Croce Balans Varier

€2,754.94 -15% €2,341.70
Peel Croce Balans Chair Varier  made with cross base in metal and fabric or leather seat available in differents colours....