Bar furniture: the modern style for your business

When we decide to open a bar, a bistro or a pastry shop, it is necessary to choose the perfect bar furniture for the type of business. Not only that, the bar furniture will be able to express the personality of the manager, the aesthetic taste and the idea of ​​the place itself. If we limit ourselves only to the classic bar, this is a public place where we usually stop in the morning for a few minutes, to consume drinks, sweets and light food before diving into daily commitments. The term "bar" comes from the English "to bar”. This refers to the ancient taverns or premises whose entrance was precisely divided from the rest of the room by a bar due to the English laws that prohibited the use of alcohol. From this bar it was possible to identify the place itself and not just the corner it defined.

That said, there are elements that no modern bar can do without to make it a welcoming and stylish place. From here, we can say that some elements can be considered among the most important to choose for bar furniture, first of all the counter. This modern bar furniture performs various functions both for the manager or operators and for the customer. For the former it is used to serve drinks or food and show them, while for the customer it is a useful point of support and consumption. From a practical point of view, the modern bar counter must have a large shelf for pouring and serving drinks while the worktop and the back must be spacious and functional to accommodate the tools of the trade.

A bar counter without stools has little reason to exist. There was no perfect number of stools for a bar counter because it depends a lot on the length of the bar itself and the type of venue. The modern bar stool is used both as a temporary seat for customers at the counter and as a fixed seat. However, bar furniture is rarely made up solely and exclusively of stools as very often they are combined with tables and chairs so that vertical space can also be exploited. Bar stools are also very popular in bistros, cafes and such places because they are able to furnish with their slender shape and the variety of materials that can be used.

The bar tables are among the most important bar furnishings, for which it is necessary to guarantee practicality and comfort to customers and their employees. Much depends on the type of venue because, for example, in bars, tables must have characteristics such as strength, medium size and ease of movement, due to the intense coming and going of customers. For this reason, aluminum tables and plastic bar tables are among the most recommended. Unlike bar furniture for indoor premises, outdoor bar tables must be resistant to atmospheric agents in the event of sudden rain, the rays of the summer sun and the temperature changes typical of the winter months.

The bar tables must be combined with chairs, another bar furniture that requires special attention. Let's face it, which of us would be able to sit for a long time in an uncomfortable bar chair? Comfort and design must go hand in hand to ensure that the choice is consistent with the chosen style. The bar chairs can be stackable, with armrests, resembling armchairs, or for outdoors. Each type has undeniable advantages, which however must be thoroughly evaluated by the manager of the venue.

Sofas and ottomans represent the most elegant and glamorous bar furniture, essential elements for specific types of bars such as lounge bars and cafes. Sofas and ottomans are modern bar furniture that are generally characterized by modularity and, therefore, they can be placed side by side in order to create cozy and comfortable environments for enjoying moments of pleasure. Upholstered in fabric, leather or eco-leather, the sofas and ottomans are placed side by side with low tables that act as a support base.

The bar tables are modular furniture and therefore it is possible to compose the personalized bar table by choosing between the bases and the tops for bar tables. Both elements are really important to ensure stability to the entire structure and the space where you can consume a coffee, a pastry or a slice of pizza.

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