What are the criteria for choosing a modern sofa?

The sofa is a very important piece of furniture in a contemporary home. Today the modern sofa has the most disparate forms, but the criteria for choosing the right one for us and our living room remain unchanged over time. Before buying a modern sofa, whether it is a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, a corner sofa or a peninsula, we must not forget to consider:


Sheridan Désirée sofa

Ask for the best price!

Sheridan Désirée sofa

Ask for the best price!
Sheridan Désirée sofa, Structure: in metal and wood, padded with differentiated density polyurethane foam and covered with coupled protective fabric. Cushions in matt bronze painted metal. Covering: completely removable fabric and leather.
  • the available space, in terms of size and shape, where to place it;
  • the number of family members and their needs;
  • the use we will make of it;
  • comfort, resistance and practicality;
  • the furnishing style of the home.

When you furnish, the real challenge first of all is to manage small spaces so that they are functional. Whether they are studios, kitchens, small living rooms or waiting rooms, a modern and linear 2-seater sofa is always the best choice. In terms of sizes, a modern 2-seater sofa can be up to 160 cm long, with variable depth, but certainly wide enough to comfortably accommodate two people. This does not mean that a modern 2-seater sofa is uncomfortable because just like large sofas, 2-seater sofas can have ergonomic seats, high backrests and other relax mechanisms.

Next to the 2-seater ones, the modern 3-seater sofas are certainly the most requested ones to compose a large living room. This is due to the fact that they combine comfortable size and functionality. Modern 3-seater sofas are generally from a minimum of 180 cm up to 240 cm in length for the larger models, equipped with large and deep seats about 80 cm. So, usually a standard living room has either a single modern sofa, which at this point will be with peninsula or corner, or two modern sofas, one 2 places and the other 3 places, arranged in such a way as to form a corner of 90 degrees. It is not uncommon, however, to also find two 3-seater sofas placed opposite each other, separated by a low table for an all-round living area!

Modern design sofas: Style choice for the living room

The modern sofa can become a design element that enhances our home through new interpretations of this furniture and experimenting with innovative materials. In interior spaces of any nature, from the home to the office, the password is balance, understood as the harmony of shapes and colors. In the contexts in which the sobriety of the lines exists, we can integrate a design sofa with brighter colors or a design sofa with an obsolete shape, thus making it the protagonist of the space, just like it happens for a work of art. If, on the other hand, we are lucky enough to have designer furnishings, then we can opt for a model with a recognizable design and delicate nuances.

For modern sofas we recommend the brands: DRIADE - TONIN - CANTORI

Modern corner or peninsula sofas

If you have a modest-sized living room, you just have to opt for a modern 2-seater sofa, whose orientation sizes range from 150 to 185 cm wide, from 75-80 cm to about 90 cm deep. Obviously, if space allows, we can choose a modern or design 3-seater sofa, which will not be less than 200 cm wide. If, on the other hand, the space for the sofa is large enough, then you can indulge yourself by choosing a modern corner sofa or peninsula, or two separate sofas arranged in such a way as to form a corner. Furthermore, in large rooms such as open spaces, you can take advantage of a large sofa as a divider, for example to separate the dining area from the living area.

For modern corner or peninsula sofas we recommend the brand: FELIS

Covering for modern sofas 

If the shape and size of a modern sofa represent the first requirements to consider, the coverings of a modern or design sofa are important as well. These differ according to the use of the sofa, the presence or absence of children or animals, the general style of the home and, of course, personal preference. The coverings are divided into those in leather (including eco-leather), coverings in natural fibers (cotton, linen, velvet) and coverings in synthetic fibers (Alcantara, polyester, microfiber).

  •  Leather

A modern sofa in leather is the dream of many people, who do not want to give up the elegance of a refined and durable furniture. There are different processes in handling leather used in the creation of modern or design sofas with current lines or in a more classic style such as the historic Chesterfield model. The leather used for covering modern sofas is always and only bovine. Such processes affect both the cost of the sofa and its durability: the extremely resistant grain leather, so called because it includes the outer part of the animal's skin, the nubuck, soft but very delicate, or the regenerated leather, less expensive than the first two and less durable.

  • Eco-leather

Eco-leather deserves a separate mention. It is very valuable because, although it is genuine leather, it is produced using only non-polluting chemicals, which do not affect the typical characteristics of leather.

  • Linen

Natural fabrics represent a good part of the coverings of modern design sofas. On the one hand there are people who love the ripples typical of this natural material, others, however, don’t like this feature. In any case, linen is a covering that gives the modern sofa a touch of no-frills and authentic refinement, as well as great resistance to wear. It is breathable and with unparalleled freshness in summer!

  • Cotton

Next to linen, one cannot fail to mention cotton which, despite being a more worked fabric than the previous one, retains characteristics of resistance and naturalness: pleasant to the touch, a modern sofa covered in cotton conveys pleasant sensations of freshness. It is also breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable without much difficulty.

  • Velvet

Synonymous with elegance and refined aesthetics, the modern design sofa in velvet never goes out of style and it is ideal for those who want to add elegance to the highest levels or if you want to create an environment with a strong visual impact. All this is possible because velvet has always been synonymous with luxury and character: the colors associated with this fabric are red, burgundy and blue above all, even if in recent times we have seen modern sofas in colored velvet like pink or lilac, or bright colors, like yellow, green and orange. Soft and smooth, velvet makes the sofa even more welcoming, but in summer, it will be a little too hot on our skin.

  • Alcantara 

Modern sofas in synthetic fabrics reserve many surprises. Alcantara for example is very soft to the touch, similar to velvet with which it shares the iridescent appearance depending on the light. As well as velvet it is long-lasting and machine washable without too many problems. It is a synthetic material, but valuable, and above all, it is a registered made in Italy trademark!

  • Polyester

Furthermore, the coverings of modern sofas in polyester are marked by absolute resistance and water repellency. This is because polyester is a fibrous fabric of chemical origin, pleasant to the touch and above all it does not need any maintenance. The only drawback? A modern sofa in polyester is not breathable.

  • Microfibre

In the end there is microfibre which has the advantage of being absolutely breathable compared to other synthetic fabrics. As a result, a microfiber sofa is more pleasant in contact with the skin, even during summer.

Modern and design sofas: the padding

A hard or not upholstered sofa is not liked by anyone. Therefore, the padding of the sofa must be soft, but also resistant to compression at every point of support, so as to obtain excellent results in terms of performance and, of course, comfort.

The internal padding of a modern or design sofa, in most cases, is made of polyurethane foam, the most classic, or foamed, especially when it comes to modern sofas of unusual shapes or fairly large sizes.

Polyurethane apparently looks like a sponge worked because it is soft and resistant. Generally the polyurethane padding has a first covering in polyester fibre, wrapped in a cotton lining, divided into longitudinal compartments to avoid the unpleasant accumulation in some parts.

Goose down is used mainly for those parts of the sofa such as armrests and headrests, perhaps alternating with polyurethane, to avoid deformation. The backrest of a modern sofa is usually softer than the seat: indeed, a layer of softer material such as acrylic wadding, or goose feathers combined with hollow silicone polyester fibres is added here.

The frame of modern sofas

The frame is one of the last elements, certainly not in importance, that you need to know thoroughly to be sure to buy a high quality modern sofa. It is the skeleton of the sofa, its supporting structure: it is usually made of solid fir, beech or poplar wood, or manufactured in metal and steel tubular. The sofa frame consists of the base and backrest of the sofa, assembled or in a single block.

Springing also has its weight in the choice of the modern sofa for our living room. Most of the time elastic rubber straps are used for the seat, which ensure perfect springing, obviously together with the padding.

The lower ends of a sofa, or the feet, are made of both wood and metal, of disparate sizes and shapes. The wooden feet are the most appreciated ones which, even if small, can give the right charm, while the metal ones, on the contrary add modernity.

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