Fabric sofas, modern and classic, made in Italy

Wide range of fabric sofas, corner, two or three seater, with peninsula, made of damask fabric, velvet, microfibre fabric, elegant and modern, customisable sofas, made to measure, with reclining back, made in Italy, selection of the most popular and sought-after brands: Midj, Cattelan, Scab Design, MyYour, Tomaselli, Driade, Felis, Colico, Pedrali.

Sofas in cotton, microfibre, natural fibres, pure virgin wool, on Arredare Moderno you can choose the covering that best suits your taste, comfortable and with a modern and refined design.

Customisable and made-to-measure sofas, upholstered, stain-resistant, made with resistant and tear-resistant fabrics, mixing polyester and some microfibres or dense and water-repellent fabrics, resistant to liquids, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Advantages of fabric sofas

There are many advantages to choosing one of our fabric sofas, starting with the removable coverings, which can be removed in an instant and put in the washing machine for optimal cleaning. They are also less expensive than a leather coverings, and there are many available patterns and colours, so you can purchase a sofa that can be easily matched with the your furnishing.

Available fabric types

On our website you can choose the fabric upholstery that best matches your furnishings and style, from natural cotton, breathable and fresh, to synthetic fabrics, resistant and pleasant to the touch, the elegance of velvet that never goes out of fashion, silk upholstery, soft and delicate, superior quality fabrics such as damask.

Among the best-loved and best-selling models on our website is certainly the Garconne Driade model, a three-seater sofa with metal frame, polyurethane foam padding, with the possibility of choosing from numerous removable fabric coverings: Cairo, Paranà, Lisbon, Boston, Barcelona and many others.

How to clean fabric sofa?

There are several ways to clean and sanitise a fabric sofa, preserving its colours and beauty. First of all, you should always vacuum before washing. To remove stains some natural remedies are: use of bicarbonate dissolved in water, or apple vinegar with a sanitising action, and finally white wine vinegar with hot water.

On the market, we can find numerous products for removing stains and sanitising our fabric sofa: foams, disinfectants and detergents, to be applied to the sofa with a wet sponge or cloth.

Types of fabric sofas, for sophisticated living

Fabric sofas are synonymous with comfort and convenience. On our website you can choose the model that best suits your living room from: simple two or three-seater sofas, corner sofas, modular sofas, bed sofas or container sofas, and with a few simple clicks you can select the dimensions, options and colours: black, white, grey, beige, blue, red, green, brown sofas and many others.

Even for the style of the sofa, there are no limits: modern, minimal, Scandinavian, retro, classic and elegant, fabric sofas are an excellent compromise between quality and price.

Felis fabric sofas for modern living

Felis Divani is the perfect brand for modern living because it offers simple, quality solutions that are well suited to the living room, offering unrivalled style. Read full article >>

Lars Bonaldo velvet sofa: Price and Reviews

With regard to furnishing the living area and, specifically, the relaxation area of the home, a fundamental element that cannot be missing is absolutely the sofa. The sofa, in fact, is one of the nerve centres of the home: many people spend a lot of time there, which is why it cannot be uncomfortable at all. On the other hand, however, it cannot do without style and design either, being positioned in one of the most central areas of the home. Read the full article >>

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