Peninsula Sofas : modern, with bed or container, made in Italy

Be inspired by our collections dedicated to modern peninsula sofas, customisable in colours, sizes and upholstery, with storage and chaise longue, the best Italian brands: Cattelan, Midj, Scab Design, Colico, Driade, Tomasucci and many others, sofas on offer, the best prices on the web.

Sofas chaise longue small and large, on offer

For extra small living rooms or large open spaces, our  peninsula sofas  go well with any type of furniture, comfortable and functional sofas, perfect for a relaxing evening in the company of friends and family, to comfortably read a good book or for short afternoon rests.

Peninsula sofas as an alternative to classic corner sofas, with the possibility of comfortably selecting from home the dimensions, the covering (leather,  eco-leather, fabric), the number of seats, the height, the shape of the peninsula (round or rectangular), additional elements such as poufs or integrated coffee tables.

On our website we accept payment by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer in advance, you will receive the goods in a short time.

Peninsula Sofa in leather, fabric and eco-leather, comfortable and fashionable

Among the most popular models on our website are the peninsula leather sofas, elegant and timeless, always trendy, they go well with modern, classic or Nordic style furnishings, easy to clean, available in classic black, grey, white or red, for always new and unique environments.

Then there are the fabric sofas, also with removable coverings, soft velvet, available in many colours: grey, black, red, white, green, dove grey, with shades, easy to match with the rest of the furnishings, economical and long-lasting.

Practical and comfortable, our L-shaped sofas combine taste and functionality, adapting to any space and environment, available with a peninsula to the right or left, convertible with integrated single or double bed, or with storage.

The comfort of peninsula sofas  from Arredare Moderno

The choice of an upholstered sofa is recommended for all customers looking for a mix of beauty and comfort, for example the WOW model produced by Driade with rectangular-shaped armrests that make the upper part welcoming, is one of the best sellers, with a low back with a ratchet mechanism to adjust the height, a sturdy solid wood structure, padding with goose down, with leather or fabric upholstery.

Why choose a peninsula sofa?

There are many reasons that could induce us to purchase a sofa with chaise longue, first of all conviviality, the presence of the peninsula leads people to converse while sitting comfortably on the sofa, then there is the relaxation key, the extension of the sofa allows you to relax and fully enjoy an evening with your family, perhaps in front of the TV, versatility is another strong point, in fact, on our website you can customise dimensions, accessories, styles and finishes.

Tips: furnishing your home with a sofa with chaise longue

Furnishing your home with a sofa with chaise longue. The sofa is the protagonist furniture of modern living. Indispensable for convivial moments but also intimate and solitary, used for evenings in company or for relaxing in front of a good film or reading a good book. Read the full article >>

Sofa with Chaise Longue: 5 Good Reasons to Choose It

We all know that the sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living room, an essential element to welcome guests and to relax after a day at work, so it is essential to choose it well. Compared to classic models, the sofa with chaise longue and, more generally, corner sofas represent an asset because they combine useful furnishing features.

These are the ability to be the undisputed protagonist of the living room and that of defining the environment from a spatial point of view, configuring and organising it without having to resort to walls or other furniture. In fact, the sofa with chaise longue can be used both to separate and connect areas of the living room, creating a fluid and harmonious space. Read the full article >>

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