Fixed Console Tables

Fixed Console Tables

Eta Itamoby Console

€1,211.00 -€782.00 €429.00
Eta Itamoby Console structure transparent glass and shelf in tempered glass.

Matar Itamoby Console

€1,932.00 -€1,243.00 €689.00
Matar Itamoby Console structure in shiny chromed metal and top in transparent glass.

Venezia Cantori Console

€1,660.00 -20% €1,328.00
Venezia Cantori Console structure available in metal. 2 versions available. Modern design.

Tropea Cantori Console

€1,030.00 -20% €824.00
Tropea Cantori Console structure available in metal. 2 versions available. Modern design

Modern fixed consoles: The origins of an ancient piece of furniture

Born as an indispensable furnishing accessory in seventeenth-century residences, today modern fixed consoles play a role that is no longer what it used to be: if in the past they were used as a shelf to place everything that could not find place elsewhere, today modern fixed consoles play an aesthetic role. However, in the present as in the past, the fixed consoles can be in various materials, embellished with decorations and with two or four legs. Perfectly inserted in any style of furniture, the consoles are still widely used, with different functions, mostly in the living room, at the entrance or in the hallway.

Whether you want to use them as a decorative element or as a useful support surface at the entrance, modern fixed consoles can also be found in space-saving size.

Where should a modern or design console be placed?

Being a practical and not too large piece of furniture in most cases, the modern fixed console is useful in many spaces of the home and it can also perform an important aesthetic function. Indeed, there are various models of the made in Italy brands that offer modern fixed and design consoles that look like real contemporary works of art. But which brands to consider for a fixed design console? CATTELAN ITALIA - BONALDO - FIAM offer a choice of high quality fixed consoles!

That said, let's see where we can place a modern fixed or design console.

- Entrance console tables
The first place in the house where we imagine a fixed console is the entrance, usually a little considered space, but very important as a business card of our home. Here a modern fixed console, even more a fixed design console, is able to give a new light in a space that is not really easy to furnish. If we then decide to combine a modern fixed or design console with a mirror, then we can take advantage of the mirror's ability to broaden the perception of the environment where it is placed, so as to make the entrance seem wider than it really is.

If we choose a fixed entrance console table, in addition to a purely decorative function, we can reap other advantages: indeed, usually this furniture is equipped with drawers so we can store the keys of the car or home, the cell phone or something that we must not forget to bring with us when we leave the house. Aesthetics and practicality in a single piece of furniture!

- Living room consoles
Another winning move is to place the modern fixed or design console in the living room, perhaps opting for a simple and linear model if we want to highlight a valuable picture, a gigantography of a photo we care about or, again, a design mirror . Instead, we choose a design console if we simply want to introduce fine furniture in our living room.

Furthermore, a fixed console can be used behind the sofa to underline the division between one area of the living room and another, implementing even a visual separation. If the use we want to make of it is canonical, then we will place the fixed console on a wall.

- Hallway console tables
The hallway, like the entrance, is a difficult home space to furnish. However, a modern fixed or design console can help in this regard because we can use it to give character to this place of passage. The insertion of a fixed console represents the best way to furnish without cluttering a space such as the hallway of the bedrooms.

Indeed, arranged in the center of a particularly narrow hallway, for example, perhaps with a slender structure, the modern fixed console will give us a big hand so that our hallway appears less long and with personality. Instead, positioned in an intelligent way, for example if the space has an irregular angle, the modern fixed console will camouflage the irregularity and make the whole more harmonious.

Modern fixed consoles: Glass or wooden console tables?

Unlike in the past, today fixed consoles are made with different materials, sometimes combined with each other with surprising effects. From classic wood to glass, modern fixed and design consoles are designed to give that touch of elegance to the home. Wood is a classic that never sets, especially if we talk about fine woods such as black walnut, oak or ebony, just to name a few. It is the ideal material for those who want a piece of furniture in perfect classic style. While if we opt for a more trendy choice, then glass represents the winning combination of shapes and elegance. Beyond the apparent fragility, glass is widely used in modern furniture. Not only modern fixed consoles, also tables and coffee tables are made with this material, especially tempered and therefore made very resistant. We can say that modern wooden console tables are the right choice if you love warm colors and our living room or entrance is large and bright. If, however, we do not have natural light and spacious rooms, as happens in the hallways, then it is preferable to choose a fixed glass console.

For glass console tables we recommend the brands: FIAM - TONELLI DESIGN - CATTELAN ITALIA

For wooden console tables we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - BONALDO - TOMASUCCI - PEZZANI