The living room furniture for a modern and design living room

The living area furniture category includes a great variety of furniture for the living room and the entrance to the house. These are mainly coffee tables, modern sideboards and cupboards, bookcases, designer shelves, desks, TV furniture, entrance furniture, bar furniture and room dividers. In short, everything a contemporary living area needs to be welcoming and stylish.

Starting with the coffee tables, this living room furniture is a must in any self-respecting home. The coffee tables are of many types, differing in their location: there are indeed coffee tables to be arranged centrally with respect to the sofas, others are hyper functional as they are transformable and real dining tables. Then there are the serving tables, very trendy in recent times, useful for placing small objects and arranged laterally with respect to the sofa or armchair

Fortunately, there are different types of modern coffee tables, which differ according to their intended use and their location. Indeed, some coffee tables must be placed centrally with respect to sofas and armchairs and they can withstand heavier weights than others. Still others, the extendable tables, are transformed into real tables, when space requirements require transformable furnishings.

The living room furniture also includes antique furniture, whose origins date back to the Renaissance and medieval periods. We are talking about cupboards and sideboards. Today these living room furnishings are used to store variety of objects and utensils, but they were once used with more specific purposes. Indeed, the sideboard was placed in the dining room and used to arrange the food in the noble residences, while the cupboard is a peasant piece of furniture, used to store flour and knead bread. Today, modern cupboards and sideboards are made with cutting-edge materials in terms of quality, often combined to create designer furnishings of admirable beauty.

Another symbolic piece of furniture in the living area is the bookcase. Versatile, useful and capable of giving an intellectual air to the living area, this furniture is available in different variants, namely:

- The wall bookcase, usually an imposing piece of furniture, which houses books, magazines and various collections. It is the classic type of bookcase, so called because it rests against the wall and it is certainly the most popular model.


- The hanging bookcase, useful for filling a wall already occupied in the lower part.


- The backless bookcase very similar to a shelf, much appreciated by those who do not want to weigh down an environment with an imposing piece of furniture.


- The freestanding bookcase, a very useful piece of furniture for dividing an extended space into sections and at the same time using it to store books and various objects. One of the unexpected advantages of freestanding bookcases is also the ability to let natural light leak out, the presence of which is essential.

Less bulky than the bookcase, but equally practical and aesthetically capable of embellishing any wall, the design shelves are increasingly appreciated by demanding customers. The possibilities for inserting this piece of furniture in the home are many: from the living room, to the dining area, to the bedroom, any room in the house can host shelves.

Among the living room furnishings, modern desks are pieces of furniture that little is thought about when it comes to furnishing the living area. Indeed, the design desk can be placed in the home office, in the children's room or, precisely, in the living area where we can create an integrated study corner. There are different types of modern desks: the study or office desk, extremely functional and equipped with drawers or shelves, the modern bedroom desk, smaller than office models and less equipped in terms of drawers and shelves. Furthermore, we have the design desk, which combines functionality and creativity and it is suitable for executive spaces, and the desk, a piece of furniture from the past, smaller in size than modern desks.

The TV stand is another piece of furniture that is usually associated with the living room and which contributes to our relax when we come home from work. And yes, because the TV cabinet not only accommodates the TV, but also other devices such as decoders, DVD players and, for large TV cabinets, even the stereo system. There are models of fixed TV cabinets or with wheels: the former can be real cabinets, with drawers and shelves, while the latter are generally small and manageable, suitable for quick movement.

The entrance is also part of the living area of ​​the house and being a sort of business card for the guest, it must be treated in detail. The entrance furniture is not of a defined typology as many types of furniture can be used at the entrance: for example, the consoles, light and thin, which can be surmounted by a mirror or a beautiful painting, or the entrance furniture hanger, designed primarily to be practical. It usually consists of a mirror, a small shelf, any drawers and coat hangers. All in very little space.

Among the not very common furnishing accessories, but which contribute to creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, there are the bar furniture and the room divider. Bar furniture can boast many shapes and sizes, for example, there are models that reproduce a bar counter in a reduced form, suitable for contemporary living rooms or for commercial activities. Others are smaller and more compact, convenient for storing liquor bottles or glasses. The room dividers, on the other hand, are very old accessories, which today are used to embellish the living area, rather than protect it from drafts. The dividers can be both for indoor and outdoor environments, with the difference that the latter are manufactured with weatherproof materials.

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