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Ombrellificio Veneto is a pillar of Italian craftsmanship in the field of weather protection. Our history began many decades ago when a group of passionate artisans decided to create superior quality umbrellas to shield people from rain and sun. Over the years, we have continued to nurture our passion for Italian craftsmanship, dedicating ourselves to the constant pursuit of high-quality materials and refined production techniques.


In our complete catalog, available at, you will find a wide selection of garden umbrellas, true masterpieces of design and functionality.

And that's not all: currently, we are offering incredible discounts and promotions that will make your dream of furnishing the garden even more accessible. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your outdoor space into a magical place to spend pleasant moments with friends and family. Choose Ombrellificio Veneto and make your garden the center of attention with style and affordability.

Ombrellificio Veneto, Attention to Detail

For over forty years, Ombrellificio Veneto has been the point of reference for the production of garden umbrellas and shade solutions for bars, restaurants, and public spaces.

Founded back in 1983, the company has deep roots in Italian craftsmanship tradition and has always been dedicated to creating high-quality products.

In addition to garden umbrellas, the company offers a wide range of solutions, from practical promotional umbrellas to elegant wooden and aluminum planters.

Attention to detail and a commitment to refined and elegant production set them apart in the market, ensuring customers can meet their outdoor space furnishing needs with style and functionality.

In addition to providing protection from the sun and rain, Ombrellificio Veneto transforms outdoor spaces into true design masterpieces, enriching them with a touch of color that further enhances their beauty.

An icon of Italian craftsmanship in the weather protection sector, a story of passion and dedication passed down through generations, always in search of new high-quality materials and cutting-edge production techniques.

Product Catalog, Online Sales, Discover Promotions

At the heart of our selection, you will find a wide range of umbrellas, each carefully designed to meet specific style and functionality needs. Among our most distinctive and beloved products are:

"Roma" Travel Umbrellas: These umbrellas embody Italian practicality and elegance. Made from premium materials, they are compact and lightweight, ideal for your travels. Whether you're on a workday or an exotic vacation, "Roma" umbrellas will provide reliable protection and timeless style.

"Venezia" Folding Umbrellas: A synonym for Italian sophistication, "Venezia" folding umbrellas are known for their sturdy structure and high-quality finishes. Available in various sizes and designs, they offer impeccable protection for everyday use and a touch of elegance in your routine.

Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure the durability and functionality of each product.

Giant and Multiple Umbrellas, Side-Arm and Center-Pole

In our store, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of umbrellas, each designed to meet your specific protection and style needs. Among our main categories, you will find:

Giant and Multiple Center-Pole Umbrellas: An extraordinary selection of umbrellas, including the models "K," "Saturno," "Vespucci," "Venere," "Afrodite," "Marte," "Riviera," "Horizon," "Flat," "Murales," "Eternity," "Pitagora," and "Eclisse." These umbrellas are ideal for creating visually stunning outdoor spaces and offering complete protection from sun and rain.

Side-Arm Umbrellas: Perfect for those seeking an elegant and flexible alternative. Side-arm umbrellas are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit various needs. They offer versatile shade without the bulk of a center pole.

Center-Pole Umbrellas: A classic solution for timeless aesthetics. Center-pole umbrellas come in various variants to match your style and specific coverage needs.

Half Umbrellas: Perfect for smaller spaces or adding a touch of elegance to a corner of your outdoor area.

The product range has been designed to offer not only weather protection but also a touch of class and style to your outdoor decor. Explore our assortment and discover the perfect umbrella to make your outdoor space even more inviting and charming, with fast shipping and secure payments on

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