Minimal sofas: Modern living, Italian design

Wide range of modern, functional in minimalist style sofas, bed sofas, corner sofas, two or three seater, modular, leather and eco-leather sofas, fine fabrics, made in Italy, on Arredare Moderno we select the most popular and well-known brands: Cattelan, Bontempi, Scab Design, Colico, Driade and many others.

Minimal style sofas are fashionable, with a recognisable design, special attention to detail and soft lines, comfortable and elegant at the same time, they are perfect for furnishing the living area.

They are characterised by their linearity, without sharp corners, from classic white to dark tones or bright colours, two or three seater corner sofas, with or without backrests, perfect for living rooms with great visual impact.

The minimal style involves reducing complements and furniture to a minimum, in favour of aesthetics and functionality, where the beating heart of the home is certainly the living room, furnished in such a way as to create a relaxing and functional environment.

How to choose a minimal sofa for furnishing

Space is fundamental for the minimalist style, bright and free from futile decorations, the choice of the sofa must follow these few rules, the size must be correct so as to leave ample empty space, furthermore the sofa and some accessories must be chosen that can perform several functions.

The line to follow is the geometric one, linear and essential curves, practical and comfortable to clean, with modern fabrics with great visual impact such as leather or eco-leather, in the classic colours: white, black, red, grey.

Minimal design sofas for sophisticated environments, without armrests or side tables, asymmetrical and with innovative elements, one way to make a sofa functional is with a bed or storage unit, clever and intelligent options.

Or a corner sofa for large living rooms, which can also create a modern and stylish atmosphere on its own.

Minimal style in modern living

The word minimal indicates practicality and essentiality in the field of furnishing. This style was born in 1965 with an article in Arts Magazine written by the English philosopher Richard Wollheim, in which he spoke of minimal reduction and the importance of a few essential elements.

Eliminate unnecessary and repetitive elements such as shelves, cupboards, hangers, pictures, vases and plants, rugs and coffee tables, poufs, and furnish what with just a few modern and designer pieces of furniture, for a balanced environment.

White is the most commonly used colour in minimalist style, as it creates empty spaces and is easy to clean, but in recent years darker shades such as black and grey are also being used, giving that extra touch of elegance.

Therefore, functional few elements, with little clutter, soft colours and predominance of white, furniture with simple lines, modern materials such as leather or eco-leather, few decorations.

Minimal sofas for modern environments, the solutions of Arredare Moderno

The minimalist style is one of the most popular in recent years and is favouring the demand for modern, clean and essential furnishing accessories. The sofa is undoubtedly an essential piece of furniture in the living area and must be chosen with care. Minimal sofas, read more >>

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