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Memory mattress: double, single and queen size models

It seems impossible but the first memory mattress was developed by NASA. Indeed, the most famous space agency in the world developed this particular type of mattress to protect the movements of astronauts from the gravitational forces during take-off. Many years have passed since the first uses of this mattress and today it is one of the favorite types of mattress: its secret lies in the padding material, which is thermosensitive, which uses the heat of the body to follow its lines and adapt to it, and then return to the original form.

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Multiconfort One and a half Mattress Memory Line Famar Materassi

Regular price €1,422.52 -20% Price €1,138.02

Multiconfort One and a half Mattress Memory Line Famar Materassi

Regular price €1,422.52 -20% Price €1,138.02
Multiconfort One and a half Mattress Memory Line Famar Materassi hypoallergenic, comfortable and elastic, it promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation, ensuring maximum comfort during rest. This model uses the different densities of the materials to guarantee a gradual acceptance of the body.

For this reason, memory mattresses seem to have a sort of body imprint memory, so that it is the mattress that adapts to our body and not the other way around. In this way the spine is at complete rest, no muscles are under tension due to an irregular posture and you wake up perfectly rested and without discomfort. The choice of the memory mattress guarantees a correct assumption of the sleeping position, as well as excellent benefits for circulation. Furthermore, this deformation does not in any way alter the internal structure of the mattress, which is extremely durable and resistant to wear.

The only disadvantage of a memory foam mattress lies in the poor breathability of the internal material, which retains heat more, with unpleasant consequences for those who suffer from high temperatures during summer months.

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